Station Casinos, Inc. is the leading provider of a total casino experience in Las Vegas. Its 18 casinos and hotels are regional entertainment destinations and include such amenities as restaurants, entertainment venues, movie theaters, bowling, and convention/banquet space, as well as traditional casino gaming offerings.


  • Develop and execute tailored marketing campaigns geared to maximizing customer acquisition and retention
  • Support Station Casinos' leadership as gaming provider to people who live and work in Las Vegas
Station Casinos is moving to a position of customer centricity with Informatica. The technology allows us to align service levels to customer value to drive deeper, long-term, and profitable relationships. It improves business agility and speed to better meet gaming customer needs and gain a competitive advantage. And it enables Station Casinos to make relevant cross-sell and up-sell offers to customers.
— Jeff Martin,
Director of Business Intelligence,
Station Casinos


  • Expanded number of targeted customer segments from 40 to 160
  • Increased monthly slot revenues by 4 percent
  • Reduced database marketing reinvestment costs by $1 million per month
  • Cut monthly $13 million slots promotion budget by $1 million
  • Increased guest retention rate from 72 percent to 86 percent in four months
  • Lowered marketing production and processing expenses by $500,000 per month
  • Increased new member acquisition rate by 160 percent in 12 months
  • Reduced data input error rate from 80 percent to 1 percent
  • Helped deliver a rewarding experience guests want to share with others and return to again and again
  • Directed messages to customers more accurately, with extended personalization and delivery in real time, using various points of contact

Technologies Used