Monitor Data Warehouse Utilization to Identify Dormant Data for Archiving

The Informatica Data Archive Dormant Data Analyzer Option monitors and assesses data warehouse utilization to identify dormant data that can be archived. It evaluates which parts of the data warehouse are used, by whom, and how frequently. Your IT team can bore down to the record level to pinpoint dormant data, and then develop and implement optimal archiving strategies by basing the archive decision on actual data usage instead of on guesswork.

  • Build an effective business case for archiving dormant data
  • Reduce costs by devoting limited and expensive IT resources to high-value, frequently used data instead of to inactive data
  • Improve application availability and data warehouse performance by keeping inactive data from bogging down the data warehouse

Informatica Data Archive Dormant Data Analyzer Option Key Features

  • Comprehensive data usage monitoring and reporting to help IT teams to analyze the use of tables, schemas, columns, and records within data warehouse queries and to identify dormant data in such records
  • Discovery of table relationships based on monitored queries to infer the definition of business entities and ensure that archived data maintains referential integrity defined in business entities
  • Scalable, modular, nonintrusive architecture to conduct low-impact monitoring of multiple data warehouses concurrently from a single server, without consuming noticeable production database resources