Upgrade Center Informatica Product Versions

If you’re not using the latest version of Informatica products, you’re missing out. Powerful new and enhanced functionality is available to help your IT team and its business partners work smarter, faster, and better together. Check out the new product features, compare product versions, and get started on your upgrade today.


The latest enhancements of Informatica PowerCenter include the new Data Virtualization Edition, Hadoop and social media connectivity, and a better Data Integration Analyst tool.

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Data Quality

Enhancements to Informatica Data Quality include a new data steward inbox and workflow, embeddable scorecards, and enterprise discovery capabilities.

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Versioning, social MDM, and mobile MDM are the latest features of Informatica MDM.

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B2B Data Exchange

A data exchange dashboard, auditing and authorization, and archiving are the latest features of Informatica B2B Data Exchange.

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B2B Data Transformation

Any-to-any data transformation on the Informatica Platform and a new XMap Option are now available for Informatica B2B Data Transformation.

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