B2B Data Transformation 9.5

Feature: Any-to-Any Data Transformation on the Informatica Platform


  • Delivers unified developer tool for complex data processing and data integration by seamlessly integrating complex data transformations with the Informatica Platform
  • Enables hierarchical-to-relational mapping
  • Reuses Informatica Platform objects, UI conventions, and methodologies


  • Reduces cost and complexity by enabling development, testing, debugging, and execution in a single environment
  • Increases reuse of objects and artifacts as well as skills

XMap Option


  • Enables visual, drag-and-drop definition of hierarchical-to-relational, hierarchical-to-hierarchical, and relational-to-hierarchical mappings
  • Handles a wide variety of mapping scenarios, from the simplest to the most complex
  • Utilizes XPath 2.0 for mapping language, with built-in syntax help and expression editor


  • Enables rapid development of hierarchical data mappings
  • Shortens learning curve for mapping developers
  • Furnishes single environment for defining multistep unstructured transformation and hierarchical mapping

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Data Format Library Options

The Informatica B2B Data Format Library Options are stes of prebuilt, prepackaged data transformations that support industry specific data formats.

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