Increase Efficiencies, Decrease Costs by Delivering a Complete Customer View

The Informatica solution for customer centricity enables your information management team to create a single, trusted, and complete customer view, which includes all customer transactions and interactions from a single platform. This solution enables your information management team to break down data silos to access any customer data source or format and integrate all customer data, regardless of data type or location.

  • Respond and adapt quickly to business needs, delivering the right data to the right people at the right time
  • Bridge the IT/business divide by empowering business users to own key data stewardship activities
  • Boost the efficiency and productivity of sales, marketing, and service personnel, lowering the cost of acquiring and servicing customers
  • Leverage technology investments and skills by starting quickly and readily expanding as needs grow
  • Realize faster time to value, lower TCO, and superior ROI

Information Management Challenges

Your information management team's mission is to deliver trusted and complete customer information to the business—when the business needs it—at the lowest possible cost.

Historically, delivering a single, trusted, and complete customer view required many point-to-point data integrations, which are expensive and time consuming to manage and maintain.

Informatica Solution for Customer Centricity Solution Key Features

  • Unified customer data integration and management architecture for delivering a single, trusted and complete customer view including customer relationships and customer interactions
  • Open support for all the applications and systems you have today or may add in the future, including on-premise and cloud-based applications from different vendors, legacy systems, and internal and external data stores
  • Master data management for proactive data governance throughout the entire customer data lifecycle
  • Pervasive data quality for managing and monitoring customer data quality with easy-to-use, role-based tools that shorten the learning curve for analysts and developers
  • Global ecosystem of developers, system integrators, hardware providers, and development firms to provide skilled resources when needed