Improve Sales and Marketing Operations with a Complete Customer View

The Informatica solution for customer centricity provides sales and marketing operations managers with a single, trusted, and complete customer view. This solution shows customers' entire payment histories, including the products they own, the services they use, and the type of support they access. It also reveals hidden relationships in customer data, such as household or account relationships.

  • Grow revenue from existing customers and boost prospect conversion rates by improving the quality and effectiveness of cross- and up-sell activities
  • Reduce marketing campaign costs with accurate customer contact information
  • Increase the average size of deals with real-time information about customer behavior

Sales and Marketing Challenges

Quit wasting time reconciling incomplete, inconsistent customer information stored in multiple systems into a spreadsheet. Spend more time on what matters most: finding and keeping new customers and selling relevant products and services to them to increase revenues.

As a sales or marketing operations manager, you need more than a single or 360-degree customer view. You need a single, trusted, and complete view of customers and prospects. You need to know what products customers own and with whom they're affiliated. You need a real-time view into their actions so you can quickly capitalize on sales opportunities. And you need to do all this on your own—without having to depend on IT resources.

Informatica Solution for Customer Centricity Solution Key Features

  • Master data management to create a single customer view and a 360-degree view of customer relationships within the context of sales force automation (SFA) or other business applications and to link customer data across the enterprise, even if business units need to maintain their own customer definition
  • Customer data integration to access and integrate customer data wherever it resides
  • Data quality to automatically identify and resolve incorrect, incomplete, and inconsistent customer data
  • Data services to integrate customer data from source applications to an MDM system and synchronize master data with back-end systems
  • B2B data exchange to create a complete customer view using industry standards and any type of customer data—structured, semistructured, or unstructured
  • Complex event processing to identify and respond to new marketing and sales opportunities in real time
  • Cloud data integration to empower business users to manage customer and prospect data in cloud applications, such as