Attract, Retain, and Grow Your Customer Base Using MDM Solutions

The average financial institution holds 28 to 32 percent of a customer’s wallet—products that include checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and money market funds. To increase this wallet share, banks must identify cross-sell opportunities within their existing customer base and offer customized pricing and tiered services. But many firms struggle to match compelling offers to the right customers at the right time.

This challenge arises from the existence of multiple versions of customer information stored across traditional business siloes and data warehouses. It is compounded by ongoing mergers and acquisitions. Banks must develop a customer-centric view of their business in order to improve customer acquisition and retention and identify the cross-sell opportunities so critical to revenue growth.

Informatica MDM Solutions for Banking and Capital Markets

Informatica MDM solutions for banking enable you to create, integrate, and manage a customer-centric view of your banking business and then deliver that master view across your sales, operational, and analytical systems.

With Informatica MDM solutions for banking and capital markets, you can:

  • Boost efficiency by delivering a trusted and authoritative source of customer information reconciled from existing information across multiple sources
  • Optimize customer acquisition with MDM solutions, by integrating information from popular social media sites—including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—into each customer entity
  • Increase productivity by easily managing relationships with financial advisors
  • Streamline communication by empowering business users to better understand customer relationships beyond simple household definitions

Key Capabilities of Informatica MDM Solutions

Unlike other master data management and customer data integration offerings, Informatica MDM solutions offer a comprehensive platform for accessing, integrating, cleansing, and governing your customer, product, channel, securities, and other master data types all in one system. These MDM solutions provide a holistic customer-centric view of each relationship across business lines, product areas, accounts, and geographies, enabling you to attract and retain banking customers and grow revenue.

The MDM solutions feature the following capabilities:

  • Industry-leading MDM solutions including:
    • Prebuilt yet customizable industry-specific data models and matching rules for retail, commercial, wealth and asset management, brokerage, and institutional banking
    • Ability to identity matching and resolution engine to accurately identify unique customers and their related data across languages
    • Preconfigured dashboards and exception management tools for customer data stewards to manage master data tasks and omissions
    • Business user-friendly hierarchy management interface to view relationships between each entity
  • Enterprise data integration to efficiently capture, transform, and integrate existing data with MDM solutions—regardless of source, format, structure, type, or latency—from internal and external systems to and from the hub
  • Robust data quality discovery and profiling for data stewards and analysts to identify data quality errors from upstream systems
  • Data quality management and governance to continuously maintain the trustworthiness of data, correct errors, and manage ongoing data quality performance