Use Your Life Sciences Data to Optimize Operations and Gain Valuable Business Insights

Life sciences companies are evolving their business portfolios to address slowing sales growth and declining profitability, while operating under heightened regulatory scrutiny. Forward thinkers are gaining insight from their life sciences data and using it to fully tap the potential of their business.

By better leveraging life sciences data, these companies can launch drugs and medical devices more quickly, frequently, and cost effectively while complying with regulations. As a result, these companies optimize operations and deliver more accurate reports faster to gain valuable business insights.

Eleven of the top 12 Fortune 500 life sciences companies work with Informatica. Don’t let clinical trials data and compound data issues hold you back. We can help.


Oncology specialist uses cost-effective and scalable technology solution from Informatica to accelerate lifecycles, increase developer productivity, and deliver the benefits of SaaS platforms in an easy-to-use solution.

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GlaxoSmithKline uses Informatica PowerCenter as its enterprise data integration platform, enabling the company to develop a robust, efficient SAP BW system that meets the complex sales and marketing challenges of the European pharmaceutical industry.

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Aventis improved data accuracy, accelerated drug development, and maximized R&D by using Informatica PowerCenter for its extraction and integration of data into the data warehouse and data mart.

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