Transform the Application Environment to Drive Innovation and Growth

As Big Data grows, so do the challenges of using it for strategic benefit. However, legacy applications lack the functionality to make them proactive and responsive to new business needs. They aren't sufficiently integrated to provide business users with a single view of business-critical information. They lack visibility into the extended relationships hidden within data and across applications. They can't accommodate new types of data, such as call detail records, sensor technologies, and social media participation. As a result, organizations risk:

  • Making decisions based on incomplete and inaccurate information
  • Losing customers through poor service and lack of insight
  • Missing product, service, and marketing opportunities

Change Data into Insight

The Informatica Platform provides a single view of all critical business data, as well as extended relationships among data in the applications used every day, so the business can be more responsive and agile. The Platform harnesses the power of Big Data for competitive insight and improved business operations. With the Informatica Platform, IT application owners, enterprise architects, and line-of-business application owners can:

  • Provide business users with access to consolidated, reliable business-critical data about customers, products, suppliers, and more
  • Reveal new insights about extended relationships within data across applications
  • Leverage new Big Data sources for sentiment analysis, real-time supply chain management, and other initiatives that can transform the business

Using the Informatica Platform, IT can provide the business with a single source of truth across applications to drive more accurate, efficient strategic decision making. This single comprehensive view includes an extended view of relationships across data in multiple applications, with more data from more sources than previously possible, to reveal once-hidden opportunities and untapped markets. By empowering the business to better use its data for competitive advantage, the Informatica Platform also ensures that the application environment delivers greater business value at a lower cost of ownership.

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