Informatica Vibe™ Turns Change Into Competitive Advantage to Unleash Information Potential

Industry’s Information Platform Empowers Users to “Map Once. Deploy Anywhere.”

Informatica World, Las Vegas, June 04, 2013 - 

Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA), the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software, today introduced Informatica Vibe, the industry’s first and only embeddable virtual data machine (VDM), designed to embed data integration into the next generation of applications for the integrated information age. Vibe delivers competitive advantage to customers by allowing them to take advantage of ever evolving data integration technologies and innovations without having to recode. Vibe enables users to harness data in applications, business processes and connected devices.

Vibe is the VDM engine that powers the unique “Map Once. Deploy Anywhere.” capabilities of the Informatica Platform. Only Vibe:

  • Provides the ability to access, aggregate and manage data regardless of type, source, volume, compute platform or user – without recoding.
  • Equips organizations to stay on top of the constantly changing technological environment regardless of how quickly and unpredictably things evolve.

 “Today organizations are looking to unleash their potential by quickly turning raw data into intellectual property they can use for business advantage,” said Marge Breya, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Informatica. “Vibe transforms our customers from simply managing data as an asset into organizations which use information integration as a strategic competitive advantage to build and expand their business.”

Value of Vibe: Map Once. Deploy Anywhere.  

The VDM concept encapsulated in Vibe has been integral to the Informatica Platform since its inception. A VDM works by separating the data integration instructions, which map out the business logic for handling data, from the underlying execution technology. In other words, map the logic once, and then deploy it on-premise, in the cloud, on Hadoop, in batch or real-time, all without having to make code changes.

The “Map Once. Deploy Anywhere.” capabilities inherent to Vibe drive:

  • Faster adoption of new technologies and data – Customers take rapid advantage of new data and technologies without having to know the details of the underlying platform, or having to hire highly specialized and costly programming resources.  
  • Reduced complexity through insulation from change – When data type, volume, source, platform or users change, customers simply redeploy their existing data integration instructions without re-specification, redesign or redevelopment on a new integration technology - like Hadoop.

Vibe at Work: Explosion of Use Cases

The continuing innovation in data integration and information management has catapulted Vibe from behind-the-scenes technology to a must-have architectural foundation for a wide variety of use cases. Examples of how Vibe is solving customer challenges include:

  • Automatically bridging virtual and physical data movement – Informatica data virtualization and physical data integration capabilities are both powered by Vibe. This allows customers to convert their virtual data views to physical data movement with a few mouse clicks, shrinking integration projects from months to days.
  • Developing Hadoop integration jobs without knowing Hadoop – Vibe runs directly on Hadoop, so integration jobs developed with Informatica PowerCenter execute natively on Hadoop without recoding. Tens of thousands of PowerCenter developers are now defacto Hadoop developers since their PowerCenter skills now map to big data technology. 
  • Enabling hybrid IT with cloud and on-premise integrationInformatica Cloud enables cloud data integration with the choice of deploying the Vibe run-time engine either inside the firewall as an agent, or hosted in the cloud. And Because Informatica Cloud and PowerCenter are both built on Vibe, users can share mappings across the environments, enabling reuse and consistency.

Future of Vibe

Vibe is a technology made for the integrated information age. Looking ahead, Vibe will drive:

  • Continued mastery of change – Informatica will continue to build more powerful data management capabilities on Vibe to help users master the perpetually changing data integration and management landscape.
  • More powerful enterprise applications – Informatica partners and customers will embed Vibe to create the next generation of applications that can utilize and integrate data regardless of type, volume and latency across multiple systems and processes.
  • A more closely integrated world – Vibe will evolve further to drive information management for intelligent devices and sensors, making it easier to integrate the internet of things.

Industry leaders, customers and partner support Informatica Vibe.

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Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA) is the world's number one independent provider of data integration software. Organizations around the world rely on Informatica to realize their information potential and drive top business imperatives. Informatica Vibe, the industry’s first and only embeddable virtual data machine (VDM), powers the unique “Map Once. Deploy Anywhere.” capabilities of the Informatica Platform. Worldwide, over 5,000 enterprises depend on Informatica to fully leverage their information assets from devices to mobile to social to big data residing on-premise, in the Cloud and across social networks. For more information, call +1 650-385-5000 (1-800-653-3871 in the U.S.), or visit Connect with Informatica at, and


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