Customer Centricity in Banking

Retain, grow, and attract customers with timely, holistic, and certifiably accurate data

Retaining and grow existing customers while attracting the right ones is important to any financial institution. Getting the right offer to the right customer or prospect through the right channel and at the right time is essential. This requires having trusted contact, relationship, and interaction information about those you acquire and existing ones you look to growth with.

Unfortunately, the data required to support new customer acquisition marketing, onboard new clients quickly to do business with, or promote new products to expand up-sell and cross-sell opportunities is often incorrect, out of date, or not available when sales and marketing need it most.

Informatica solutions

Informatica provides data quality, master data management, and data management solutions to help financial institutions improve client onboarding process, expand their understanding of existing customer relationship across traditional business silos, improve customer acquisition, and up-sell/cross-sell marketing responses and lowers the cost of sales and marketing.

Our solutions enable financial institutions to:

  • Improve direct mail campaigns and customer communication performance by eliminating errors in address, email, and phone number information.
  • Reduce sales and marketing costs by identifying and addressing data quality errors in existing sales, marketing, and analytic applications.
  • Improve sales productivity and marketing effectiveness by delivering a consolidated customer master data management hub across traditional business silos for firm-wide up-sell, cross-sell and customer centricity initiatives.


Customer Success Stories

Western Union

Western Union built a data platform based on Hadoop and Informatica Big Data Edition

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