Get Faster Results with AI-powered Finance Data Management

Managing Finance Data for Ease of Administration, Compliance and Accurate Reporting

Finance data goes by many names — chart of accounts, cost center, account code, business units, projects, legal entities, as well as core reference data such as billing codes, taxonomies, geo codes and product classifications. No matter what you call it, providing finance business users with a self-service module to define new finance data sets, including the conditional logic and validation rules in an agile environment — requiring no involvement from IT — is a critical step towards accurate reporting, regulatory compliance and ultimately, your ability to understand your data. 

Informatica® Finance 360 makes it easier for organizations to create, edit and orchestrate finance data updates across environments that require system-specific hierarchies and attributes such as NA GAAP and IFRS versions or different cost-center roll-ups. Best of all, Finance 360 provides a self-service module that lets finance users define new finance data sets and rules without going through a resource-intensive IT release management cycle. 

Finance 360 is an industry-leading, fully cloud-enabled 360 solution that is easy to set up, provides complete life cycle management for reference data and is built to enable self-service for business users

The solution consists of: 

  • An easy-to-use, configurable business-friendly user interface 

  • Self-service management of reference data for business users 

  • Role-based approval and publishing workflows  

  • Complete life cycle management with import, hierarchy management, versioning and export features 

  • Flexibility and agility of cloud

Diagram of finance data management in action

Figure 1: The next generation of finance and reference data management.

Key Features

Complete Capabilities in the Cloud

Only Informatica can support the level of performance, scalability and productivity needed to centrally manage complex finance and reference data information in a cloud environment. Delivered through Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud™, the Informatica Finance 360 solution provides full features and capabilities, along with automated upgrades and fixes for the latest enhancements, features and functionality.

A True 360-Degree View 

Finance 360 centralizes the creation, editing and update orchestration of finance and reference data, leading to dramatically faster ERP migrations and upgrades, while requiring significantly less manual effort. This includes system codes, mappings, equivalent values, validation logic, business logic and system integrations. Out-of-the-box integration with all leading ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle EBS ensures seamless integration with no need for coding or IT involvement.

Key Benefits 

Centralized Finance Governance Controls, Audit Trail and SOX Compliance

Define, manage and secure finance and reference data sets to ensure accurate data is used in compliance with regulations and transactions. Remove finance and reference data inconsistencies (and their associated operational overhead) in enterprise applications and the operational overhead involved in managing this data. Finance 360 is fully SOX compliant, supporting full data traceability, history and lineage. Additionally, all data changes, approvals and tasks have a date and time stamp. These capabilities can be leveraged during an audit to address any data discrepancies.

Cloud-Based, Scalable and Flexible

User-friendly configurable dashboards allow organizations to control the quality and govern the complete life cycle of finance and reference data sets, which not only simplifies management of reference data history and catalogs, but also enables authoring of data using configurable workflows. As a cloud-based solution, Finance 360 accelerates time to value from MDM initiatives. It is designed for enterprise scalability in a cloud environment to meet the most demanding business initiatives and deliver rapid value.

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