5 Reasons Why Enterprises Must Adopt an iPaaS to Drive Hyperautomation

Last Published: Aug 16, 2023 |
Joel Fernandes
Joel Fernandes

Product Marketing Manager, Cloud

Modern enterprises need hyperautomation to drive exceptional customer and employee experiences, let alone outperform the competition. In today’s fast-moving and consumer-demanding world, hyperautomation empowers enterprises to automate complex business processes and thrive in this digitally connected world.

As enterprises implement digital transformation initiatives, automation continues to be the catalyst to success. Applications such as CRMs and ERPs and technologies such as ML and AI are deployed to make these goals a reality. The downside is when the apps function in silos, hindering the ability to deliver meaningful outcomes. To achieve a state of hyperautomation, the apps and technologies must work in unison. The answer? Adopting an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) that merges applications and technologies to create a unified business processes across departments and drive excellent customer and employee experiences.

Hyperautomate your Enterprise with iPaaS

An iPaaS is the backbone to realizing end-to-end hyperautomation for many reasons, including its ability to:

  • Provide flexibility to design business process automation and integration patterns using self-service wizard builders for modern workloads by integrating data and disparate applications in the cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud business environment at any latency and scale.
  • Orchestrate business processes with automated process workflows in real time and manage APIs effectively.
  • Support all data management patterns such as master data management, data quality, data catalog, API and application integration, and data governance.

With an iPaaS solution in place, enterprises get complete visibility and control.

5 Reasons to Adopt an iPaaS to Drive Hyperautomation

An iPaaS is designed for those with a vision of end-to-end hyperautomation. The gold standard for integration and hyperautomation includes process automation, data integration, application integration, application programming interface (API)-driven integration, and connectivity across disparate on-premises and cloud environments. It’s important to note that iPaaS solutions deliver hyperautomation by taking into consideration both technology and people.

Let’s review the five reasons why enterprises should adopt an iPaaS to accelerate hyperautomation:

1. Low-code/no-code development engages workforce

iPaaS technology supports multiple personas such as architects, developers, citizen integrators and business analysts, which allows everyone in the enterprise to actively participate in hyperautomation planning and execution. iPaaS development is done in a low-code/no-code environment, which makes this possible. Tasks that sound complex on the surface—such as orchestrating process workflows and designing integration patterns—are actually quite easy with mouse clicks or drag and drop with a simple graphical user interface. You can integrate on-premises and cloud applications with absolute zero coding knowledge and foster simple connectivity with out-of-the-box templates, accelerators, and even complete solutions for specific industry verticals. The ease of integration and 360-degree visibility provided by an iPaaS empowers every user to transform their business processes.

2. Superior customer experience and decision making

Another plus? iPaaS drives innovation by integrating applications and hyperautomating complex business processes, enabling precise decision making with the right data at the right time. The AI and ML capabilities of an iPaaS provide enriched data of every customer that help enterprises drive intelligence in their process automation initiatives such as analytics, campaigns, ecommerce product recommendations, support ticket management, chat bot responses, etc. Hyperautomation can also be used for simple repetitive tasks to improve efficiency in the long run. For example: It can streamline tasks the IT, finance, marketing and HR departments need to complete on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

3. Automated process workflows and agility

An iPaaS can deliver end-to-end hyperautomation by managing large amounts of data and application events in real time with its out-of-the-box integrations and automated process workflow management capabilities. This empowers enterprises to be agile to meet the ever-changing customer and market demands. For example: Automation of critical tasks such as onboarding employees and procurement can help enterprises reduce errors, lower costs and save time.

4. Real-time visibility into integration and data flows

As enterprises acquire software applications, it’s critical for them to talk to each other in real time. Otherwise, there is no visibility in all the data and app integrations, which could raise security concerns. iPaaS connects all the applications and data on a central platform, delivering a 360-degree view of all integrations to easily orchestrate process automation. Transparent data flows allow for tighter data security and compliance. In addition, enterprises get visibility into the process workflows across other business units, so you can better manage hyperautomation resources and processes.

5. Robust API management

Because APIs form the core for all hyperautomation initiatives, harnessing them is the most effective way towards achieving enterprise-wide hyperautomation. iPaaS can quickly find, develop, publish, manage, monitor, deprecate and consume APIs to automate business processes that span multiple clouds and on-premises systems within and outside their firewall at any speed. In addition, it can help enterprises effectively manage their API marketplaces by allowing developers to upload, distribute and monetize APIs, and for consumers to discover and consume those APIs.

Next Steps

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First Published: Mar 30, 2022