How to Accelerate Customer Insights With the “Power of Three"

Last Published: Feb 22, 2023 |
Ron Long
Ron Long

Director, GSI Product Marketing

Customer insights are the foundation for an effective customer experience

Customer insights are the foundation for enterprise businesses to build an effective customer experience. Customer insight involves analyzing data to better understand customers and make informed decisions about how, when and what to sell. Better decisions result in more effective and efficient strategies and campaigns that result in increased profitability. 

power of threeCurrently, many enterprises have multiple applications that touch the customer, and they are scattered across IT, marketing, CRM, SCM, and social media systems.  Monolithic application development cannot effectively bridge the data to offer a “single version of the truth” for customer insight data

How to Bridge the Data Gap for Effective Customer Experience

Informatica believes that multiple system integration is best served with modular applications that can bridge the data gap for an effective customer experience.

Market researcher Gartner predicts, “By 2022, 25% of new applications will be delivered, priced, and consumed as libraries of packaged business capabilities, up from less than 3% in 2019.” [1]

This shift requires a collaborative partner business model between global system integrators, cloud providers, and technology platforms and a focus on packaged business capabilities (PBCs) to provide the enabling products and services.

  1. Global system integrators design and integrate multi-touch customer insight PBCs.
  2. Cloud providers offer SaaS product suites to provide the application and IT foundation for building PBC customer insight models. 
  3. Intelligent data management with AI analytics provide the platform to integrate SaaS/Cloud capabilities to accelerate PBC application development.

These three-way collaborative partnerships are key to putting all this together. Collaborative partnerships are not solely based on partner extension.  Firstly, partners need to create value and trust with each other built with two-way partnerships. Next, focus on a solution or market and deliver business value forming a three-way collaborative partnership that leverages the established value and trust.

How Partnerships Deliver Customer Insights

A successful collaborative partnership is based on understanding the enterprise business’s needs, assessing if the combined offering can address these needs, and then designing and implementing the solution to accelerate time to value and ROI

An example of such a collaborative partnership to deliver customer insights is a solution between CapgeminiInformatica, and Microsoft.

Capgemini and Informatica have a proven relationship delivering products and services to customers. Microsoft and Informatica have integrated products to provide data quality and management to enterprise businesses implementing Dynamics 365 on Azure.  Microsoft and Capgemini have established a joint business unit to design and implement Dynamics 365 and migrate customers to the Azure Cloud.  Together these products and services bring together disconnected systems which allows a unified approach for enterprises to create effective customer insights.

This 3-minute video introduces the Power of Three to accelerate customer insight solutions.

For 2021 we will see more “Power of Three” alliance partnerships come together to deliver accelerated time to value for digital transformation leveraging from Intelligent Data Management.

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[1] Gartner, “3 Future of Applications Impacts on Customer Experience,” Gene Alvarez, et al. 7 Sep 2020

First Published: Feb 11, 2021