Insights from Informatica World: Building the Intelligent Data Enterprise

Leverage your data as your platform with Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud

Last Published: Aug 04, 2022 |
Amit Walia
Amit Walia


Leverage data as your platform with Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud

This year we are together again in Las Vegas for Informatica World, the premier event on data, cloud and AI. I am thrilled to be back in person and hope you will be inspired to build an intelligent data enterprise to help you navigate new business models and meet evolving customer expectations.

After two years of uncertainty, we are emerging into a changed world. We are rapidly moving to a data-driven economy, where digital transformation and the journey to the cloud has been greatly accelerated.

To succeed in this new landscape, you need to become a modern intelligent data enterprise focused on four critical data management journeys:

Enterprises that have data at their core deliver exceptional customer experiences, innovate faster, identify fraud before issues occur and comply with regulations with ease. They recognize value faster than their competitors because their data is connected, clean and trusted.

Overcoming Data Complexity and Fragmentation

The reality is that data is duplicated and incomplete. It is being generated at overwhelming speed due to the rapid shift to digital. According to the IDC Global Chief Data Officer (CDO) Engagement Survey 20211 sponsored by Informatica, nearly one-third of organizations surveyed have more than 1,000 data sources, which contribute to significant data fragmentation.  In fact, high levels of fragmentation are forcing data leaders to spend most of their time grappling with complexity, rather than driving business value.

Modernizing no longer involves just a simple lift-and-shift to the cloud. You need to rely on SaaS and PaaS solutions to manage the huge volume and variety of data coming in from a wide range of sources. Also, there is not enough manpower to address this exponential growth of data. You need AI to augment human decision making and business processes.

To accommodate these changes, over the next five years we expect to see companies evolving into intelligent data enterprises that treat data as their platform, which will drive the ability to innovate.

Treating Data as Your Platform

Your data is the common unifying layer across all your business functions, departmental applications, processes and users. Data empowers everyone in your organization to create unprecedented value for your customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders. You can treat data as your platform only when your data is easily discoverable and universally accessible. It must also be trusted by everyone to innovate and operate with, and it must be governed, protected and shareable.

Informatica customers around the globe are leveraging data as their platform to achieve significant business outcomes that make them leaders in their industries. You can hear from many of them this week at Informatica World, including:

  • Home lending giant Freddie Mac, who will discuss how taking a platform approach helps them protect sensitive data for over 11 million active loans. Find out how they mitigate exposure risks and meet unexpected spikes in mortgage data processing with the same number of resources.
  • Unilever, who will share how they reduced supplier onboarding time by 80% (going from five weeks to five to seven days) by using Informatica to retrieve master and R&D data from source systems and by combining data sets in one place for easy access and consistency.

“While applications drive business value because they facilitate automation of workflows and improved processes, data is the bedrock of that value. Most organizations leverage more than one application to drive their business,” said Baron Unbehagen, CIO at Encino Energy, who will also be speaking at Informatica World. “By adopting data as our platform, which manifests in our Encino Operation System (EOS), we’ve bridged the islands of data that have emerged over time. EOS gives us the ability to harness the value of a single, accurate view of our business and maximize the opportunities that we can see.”

The Informatica Difference

Informatica is committed to reducing data complexity and helping you extract value quickly. We enable you to leverage data as your platform based on three foundational pillars:

1. Innovation

At Informatica, we are always innovating. We have invested over $1 billion dollars in R&D to deliver the Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), the industry’s first and most comprehensive AI-powered data management solution. IDMC is powered by CLAIRE®, our metadata-driven AI-powered technology. This empowers you to automate thousands of manual tasks and augment human activity and decisions with recommendations and insights. As we scale our capabilities, IDMC now manages more than 32 trillion transactions per month and counting.

We continue to evolve IDMC to make it more applicable for industry-specific requirements and business initiatives. To date, we have announced IDMC for Retail, IDMC for Healthcare and for Life Sciences, and IDMC for Financial Services. Each offering leverages best-of-breed capabilities built on an open, extensible and embeddable platform, tailored for your industry. With these innovations and new capabilities across our data management portfolio, IDMC enables you to deliver value in minutes rather than days, weeks or months.

2. Customer-centricity

We are manically focused on our customers, building communities that provide user groups, support and skills needed to help make you successful. We also know that we can’t do it alone. Informatica offers the strongest partner network of any data management provider with tens of thousands of professionals certified on our solutions. This gives you the utmost confidence in finding resources to help you accelerate deployment and reduce implementation risk. Our strong ecosystem partnerships mean you can trust our ability to support your diverse cloud architectures and infrastructure requirements.

3. Our DATA values

At our core, our values bind “Informaticans” together. DATA stands for:

  • Do Good: Foster an inclusive culture where we treat each other with respect, fairness and dignity
  • Act as One Team: Connect, communicate and collaborate as one diverse team
  • Think Customer First: Accelerate customer outcomes in everything we build and how we deliver
  • Aspire and Innovate: Innovate through curiosity and learning continuously and fearlessly

DATA is our commitment to cultivate a values-driven culture for one simple reason: We are passionate about building and delivering solutions that accelerate your data innovations.

We’ve Got Your Back

Every day, our commitment to you is this: We’ve got your back. Technology only becomes real when people make it real. And technology only creates value when people bring it to life. As we continue to navigate our ever-changing world, there is an opportunity to make an impact on our organizations, careers and industries. At Informatica, we have invested in you so you can succeed by leveraging data as your platform.

We are bringing the excitement of Informatica World to a city near you this fall, I invite you to join us for Informatica World Tour, which will feature exciting keynote speakers, customer innovators, solution demos and so much more. I look forward to seeing you there and helping you build the intelligent data enterprise!


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First Published: May 24, 2022