Introducing Intelligent Data Management Cloud

Last Published: Sep 22, 2023 |
Amit Walia
Amit Walia


Informatica has always been at the forefront of data innovation, consistently predicting what the industry needs, in advance, and at enterprise scale. Today, I’m proud to unveil one of the most exciting innovations in our company’s history — the launch of the industry’s first Intelligent Data Management Cloud, designed to help businesses innovate with their data on any platform, any cloud, multi-cloud, and multi-hybrid. This complete cloud-native and AI-powered platform is the critical missing piece for businesses to move from simply modernizing to truly transforming for a digital world.

Moving from digital modernization to true digital transformation

Businesses have made progress transitioning toward digital modernization in the last ten years. They have moved their infrastructure to the cloud. They have modernized applications, analytics, databases, data warehouses, and data lakes in the cloud. All to take advantage of the cloud’s innate benefits – flexibility, agility, scale, and cost.

However, today’s digital world requires something very different to transform digital modernization into great customer experiences, and that is true digital transformation. How do you get there? What are the digital innovations that every company needs to make over the next five years to achieve digital transformation, and what are the changes happening in the market that will impact this journey?

What true digital transformation looks like

True transformation of an enterprise involves four foundational pillars. It is about offering new, innovative products and services to your customers. It is envisioning new engagement models for customers, both current and new ones. It is also about creating new operating models to get these products and services and new customer experiences to market. And then of course, to bring it all together, digital transformation is about inventing new business models to take advantage of all these innovations.

How do you make this digital transformation happen? It begins with a strategic mindset, from the CEO down. You need cloud nativity so you can go fast. Above all else, you need a data-led and AI-centric approach. Let data and AI work for you to accelerate your initiatives and drive business value. And you need trust – trusted data and trusted AI.

Three market changes you’ll encounter on your journey

There are three big changes happening in the market that you should pay attention to over the next five years:

First the new normal is a cloud-first and multi-hybrid world. Cloud-first of course means that if something can be done in the Cloud, then you should choose the Cloud. A multi-hybrid environment spans any cloud, with multiple clouds as the standard.

Second, this is a world where data-first experiences matter. You don’t own infrastructure anymore. You don’t own applications. What you own is data. That is your data. It’s your organization’s most critical asset, and you will use it to create new and differentiated experiences for customers, suppliers, employees, and partners.

And third, the trust and privacy of data is critical. Data governance is no longer an afterthought, but a strategic requirement.

Informatica has led the data evolution from Data 1.0 to Data 4.0. It’s in this Data 4.0 world where we see that data is truly the soul of digital transformation.

For businesses to thrive in this new world, we need something else — something new that has never been seen before. A cloud dedicated to data management.

A new cloud appears on the horizon

You have heard of various clouds – infrastructure, database, applications, business intelligence, and data warehouse and lake. Today we offer you the industry’s first and only cloud focused solely on data management: Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud.

The Intelligent Data Management Cloud is designed to help businesses efficiently handle the complex challenges of dispersed and fragmented data to truly innovate with their data on any platform, any cloud, multi-cloud and multi-hybrid. This is the industry’s first and most comprehensive, cloud-native, AI-powered, end-to-end data management platform.  And with over 250 intelligent cloud services, you can catalog, ingest, integrate, prep, cleanse, master, and share all of your data, wherever it is, process it in any way you want, ensure it’s trusted and democratized on a foundation of governance, while delivering intelligent insights with a 360-degree view of your business.   

The Informatica difference: 3 differentiators

Our vision is to create a world where every organization’s data is poised for greatness, empowered to deliver outcomes of unprecedented brilliance at a scale never imagined.

How can we do this? Through Informatica’s three differentiating factors.

Our first differentiator is that we are driven by innovation. That’s how we are delivering every service you need for data management, at scale in the cloud. Whether you need a data catalogdata integration services, the ability to manage streaming data or batch data, you are set. Native in the cloud? App integration? API management? No problem. Whether it’s data preparationdata qualitydata governancemaster data management, or a 360 solution, you are covered. You can even build a data marketplace to democratize your data, while ensuring that your data is trusted, private, and secure.

With Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud, all these services are available to you natively on a cloud-first, microservices-based, API-driven platform that’s both elastic and serverless. CLAIRE, our AI technology, is embedded in every service. We can bring data from any source, of any type, to serve any user anywhere – whether he or she is a business or technical user.

And you don’t need to bring data together in one place to use the Intelligent Data Management Cloud. You only need the metadata. That’s because the Intelligent Data Management Cloud is a system of record for metadata and has all kinds of machine learning algorithms layered on top of that metadata to allow you to do anything you want to your data – in an automated and intelligent way.

Intelligent Data Management Cloud is cloud-native at scale, AI-native at scale, multi-cloud and multi-hybrid, low code and no code, and it is security and trust first as a design principle. Today this cloud runs over 22 trillion cloud transactions per month (tremendous growth from the .5 trillion a month we were running just a few years ago).

All of this innovation comes together in the context of three critical data 4.0 journeys — whether you’re building a 360-degree view of your businessmodernizing your data warehouse, data lake, applications or analytics in the cloud, or looking for data governance and privacy. That’s innovation.

Our second differentiator is our customer centricity. Our customers’ success is our greatest success. That’s why today we’re trusted by 5,000 active customers in 82 different countries, and 85 of the Fortune 100. At Informatica World 2021, we heard from some of our customers, including Peloton, Eli Lilly and Company, NYC Health + Hospitals, and Charles Schwab, about partnering with us to help them succeed in their digital transformation journey.

We wouldn’t be successful if we didn’t partner with a broad ecosystem of partners, including AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Snowflake, Tableau and more. Our system integrator partners, including Accenture, Deloitte, Capgemini, Cognizant, KPMG and more, partner with us to provide the combined innovation and expertise to help you deliver results.

And our third differentiator is that we are values-led. We believe values are not just about building the best product. It’s not just about creating a great customer success program. It’s about who we are. What is our North Star? Informatica’s values—no surprise—are captured in a single word: DATA. “D” is for do good. “A” is for act as one team. “T” is for think customer-first. And the final “A” is aspire and innovate. That’s what makes us the company of the future. Each of these values is critical to who we are, and to what drives us as a company.

The time to accelerate your digital transformation is now

We live in unprecedented times. This is a time of change when digital transformation is accelerating across the globe. The winners and losers are defined in a matter of a few years, not decades anymore. And with your data as your strategic asset, the time is now. The time is now to take this leadership moment and drive change in your company, because each and every person in your organization is looking to you. Looking to you, as a data leader, to drive the data-led revolution.

To find out more, please visit our Intelligent Data Management Cloud page.

First Published: Apr 12, 2021