We Get by With a Little Help From our Data Management Friends… and Star Trek

Last Published: May 02, 2022 |
Blake WIse
Blake WIse

Customer Reference Representative

Informatica Professional Services is your friend for your enterprise data management projects

If you’re like me, you’ve been sheltering in place at home for the past eight months and you’re on your fourth round of watching “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Okay, maybe that’s just me, but if there’s one thing I take away from 2020, it’s that when times are uncertain, we can always lean on friends, family, and hours of television binge watching. Why shouldn’t that carry over into your enterprise data management projects? Picard had a cast of crew members he could rely on for support in those three-part, season finale moments. And even those crew members had a line of support (i.e., that brief period where Geordi and Riker BOTH had facial hair). Now that’s a true friend!

Informatica Professional Services (IPS) is that kind of friend for your enterprise data management projects. It’s a team of award-winning professionals that works with thousands of customers to design data management roadmaps that are calibrated for their needs. No matter where customers are in their data-driven digital transformation journey, IPS teams not only help to achieve optimal time to value—they also make sure customers have the necessary skills to manage their data platform and refine it as their business needs evolve. They truly are the Riker to your Picard.

Warp drive engage and trust the support of IPS to get faster return on your investment. IPS has partnered with numerous successful customers; here’s a snapshot of just a few:

Santalucía Seguros

To optimize deployment timelines and application performance, insurance firm Santalucía Seguros engaged Informatica Professional Services to deploy Informatica Multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) to present business users with a complete view of each customer. Informatica integrates with Salesforce in real time via an enterprise service bus, which is used to track messages and possible errors in API calls. To keep data quality high and minimize duplicate or misdirected communications, Informatica Data Quality standardizes customer names and addresses dispersed throughout the organization.

“We aren’t MDM experts, so engaging Informatica Professional Services for our deployment was a wise choice. With their help, we were able to get the performance we needed to master our customer data in real time. Their recommendations helped us deploy the solution in an optimal way.” — Carlos Garcia, Head of IT Channels and Clients, Santalucía Seguros

Valley Health System

Valley Health System decided to store a complete and accurate picture of each customer in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. To do this, however, it needed to bring information from Motionsoft, Vistar, and Athena EMR into Dynamics CRM, and utilize API calls to keep the system up to date in real time. Valley Health System selected Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) for the clinical integration project, having recently worked successfully with Informatica Professional Services for its utilization of Informatica PowerCenter.

“We’ve had an A-plus customer experience with Informatica products and Informatica Professional Services. We chose Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services because it allows us to pass large amounts of data between systems, and because application interfaces are easy to understand, build, and manipulate.” — Michael Laidlaw, Manager, Application Support, Valley Health System

McGraw-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill Education (MHE) decided to implement a company-wide data governance strategy to improve collaboration and efficiency and reduce avoidable risks across business units. The company wanted to take a holistic, enterprise-level approach to managing both the business and technical aspects of data governance, bringing in data from on-premises mainframes and Oracle-based systems, as well as cloud applications such as Salesforce. After investigating several options, MHE deployed Informatica Axon Data Governance, complementing its existing Informatica PowerCenter data integration solution with a cloud-based data governance tool. To make sure it could implement data governance successfully, MHE also deployed Informatica Data Quality.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of Informatica’s customer service and support. It feels like we’re dealing with a much smaller company, because we get prompt responses and follow ups that are very personalized. That’s been very helpful as we strengthen enterprise data governance.” — Roberta Pape, Director Data Governance, McGraw-Hill Education

Next Steps

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First Published: Nov 10, 2020