Cloud Data Marketplace

Deliver Data Democratization at Enterprise Scale

Enterprises today are stymied from realizing the strategic potential of their enterprise data assets, even as volume of their data grows exponentially. Data is critical to empower stakeholders and consumers across critical business processes, such as enterprise analytics, operational efficiency, price optimization, recommendation engines or data science and machine learning. Relevant and trustworthy data in the right hands through data democratization is required to foster a data-driven culture where individuals and business groups leverage data to inform business decisions and spur digital transformation.

Operational and analytics teams driving decisions in enterprises need relevant, trusted data, delivered conveniently on demand. Citizen consumers without extensive technical or data literacy skills looking for relevant data across the organization’s estate need business context to assess and understand the relevance of data to their needs. This makes a self-service model ideal, as it can be leveraged with a level of skill suitable for line of business data consumers

Cloud Data Marketplace: The Industry’s Only Cloud-Native, Intelligent Solution for Data Democratization

The Informatica® Cloud Data Marketplace is the industry’s only cloud-native, intelligent, enterprise-scale governed data marketplace. Much like a retailer makes products available in an online store, the Cloud Data Marketplace allows a data owner to organize data into categories, and data consumers to browse and shop for data that is relevant to their topic or domain of interest. 

A flexible data asset registry lets data owners acquire data from any industry data catalog to inventory available data sets from across a data estate: on-premises, cloud or hybrid multi-cloud. The registry enables data owners to document the content of data assets on the marketplace, allowing data consumers to make informed decisions about requesting and sourcing those assets, including information about who among their peers is using this data, and for what purpose. 

Because Cloud Data Marketplace is a service of Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC), consumers’ requests for data can be assessed and provisioned using the capabilities of the IDMC. This enables ‘low code, no code’ delivery of data to consumers, which lowers the cost and time required to convert trusted data into data-fueled insights. The Cloud Data Marketplace further ensures transparency by helping data owners and operations teams to track requests for data and ensure that the data is available in the format, location and access method most convenient for use.

cloud data marketplace homepage

Figure 1. The Home Page view shows usage statistics, recently updated collections and the high-level categories where the data collections are allocated.

Key Features

Diverse Data Asset Onboarding and Curation

Marketplace can acquire data assets from diverse locations and tools, whether on-premises, cloud or multi-cloud. Owners are assigned to document data content, ownership and delivery options for data consumers. The resulting data inventory can then be packaged into multiple collections for self-service discovery, request and delivery.

Multi-Marketplace Capability

The solution provides the ability to deploy multiple self-service marketplace entry points for various consumer communities throughout the organization, including the organization’s ecosystem of distributors, suppliers and partners.

Transparent Order Processing

Visibility into how data operations facilitates every order can boost confidence and predictability of the outcome. The solution helps keep track of the request, identifies its purpose, monitors its fulfilment and orchestrates order processing with other data engineering processes to facilitate timely delivery of data to the consumer

cloud data marketplace my orders

Figure 2. The My Orders page allows data consumers to track the orders they have made, and review which requests have been approved, fulfilled, completed or rejected.

Data Delivery and Provisioning

Requestors of data will have the ability to choose how they would like to have their data delivered. Data owners and their data engineering teams can define default delivery options, and data consumers can define their preferred delivery mode. Provisioning can be done automatically through IDMC-orchestrated processes. Users can also request a new delivery option if their preferred option is not currently listed.

AI/ML and Analytics Model Merchandising

AI models are essential for data science projects. As businesses try to find automated answers for various challenges, they need to train these models using historical data. For example, an enterprise in the telecom industry could be looking for insights that could help them with managing churn, customer acquisition or next best offer. The Cloud Data Marketplace solution allows them to make models available for self-service consumption, alongside the associated datasets. And because models tend to lose their predictive value due to biases that creep in over time, the Marketplace also helps to monitor KPIs like quality and data drift. The solution also helps to support the provisioning of models for multiple test, validation and production runtimes.

cloud data marketplace data collection

Figure 3. The Data Collection page provides details for the data assets within the data collection. In this case, you can see the details for an AI model as well as its training datasets and tables from different descriptive sources.

Data Quality and Reporting

Collaboration among data marketplace stakeholders accelerates data delivery by quickly identifying and resolving any issues. Marketplace users can now literally have a sidebar conversation with another consumer and get a quick review of specific data assets. With embedded collaboration in place, producers and consumers can chat in real time to address issues and optimize data delivery.

Embedded Collaboration

Cloud Data Governance and Catalog empowers data analysts and data scientists to easily find the most relevant and trusted data for analytics by utilizing AI, human expertise and collaboration. Data owners and subject matter experts can certify datasets, and data consumers can provide ratings and reviews for datasets, enabling the social curation of data. 

A Q&A platform allows subject matter experts to answer common questions from users. In addition, users can add custom attributes and annotations to datasets, further enhancing business-IT collaboration and search results to harness tribal knowledge and improve literacy.

Key Benefits

Drive Value With Quick Access to Diverse Data Assets

As businesses strive to be competitive with enhanced efficiency or rapid response, they need access to high-quality, trusted, privacy-compliant and relevant data. Cloud Data Marketplace minimizes the need for IT operation support while searching for data, ensuring quick analysis and deployment of data for the intended initiative.

Make Informed Decisions on the Right Data to Use

Cloud Data Marketplace can become the primary place for data analysts to request access to data sets or AI Models for any new initiative. The solution provides visibility on all available data collections and keeps informed of its updates. It also provides insights on the orders being processed and an understanding of the consumers making those requests.

Provide Data Consumers With Choice of Delivery Options

Multiple modes of delivery empower data consumers to select their preferred option for data access from available options, corresponding to alternative analytics and operational access points, with the ability to define new delivery options in response to individual consumer needs. Delivery of data to requested access points where automation or scale is required can be facilitated by the capabilities of the IDMC.

Quickly Operationalize AI

The ability to package and promote AI/ML and Analytics models available along with the associated data pipelines to other potential consumers, enables organizations to get more out of their machine learning investments. Data science and data engineering teams can more easily discover and assess each other’s work, reusing high-value data and models in other relevant business contexts.

Fuel Your Business With Data Intelligence

Every decision made by your organization should be built on a foundation of trusted data and insights. Ensuring that your whole team from across the world can access the information that they need is paramount. With Cloud Data Marketplace, your organization will be able to find, understand, access and trust the data they need, as well as the AI models fueled by the data. 

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