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Unify cloud data with the rest of your enterprise data and ensure maximum value from your SaaS investments.

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Cloud Integration

Experience the ultimate in performance for bulk data integration and data warehousing processes spanning a variety of cloud and on-premise applications, all through an intuitive web-based UI. Get more insights into your cloud data for all your reporting and BI needs.

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

A cloud integration platform that combines application and data integration, iPaaS enables development, execution, and governance of integration workflows among on-premise or cloud-based applications as well as traditional and newer data protocols.You benefit from bulk and real-time integration on one platform.

Editions & Pricing

Our family of products includes multiple editions, add-ons, connectors, and templates for all your needs. Join the more than 3,500 companies who use Informatica Cloud to cleanse, integrate, and synchronize over 180 billion records per month.