Customer 360 Insights

Intelligent Customer Data Platform for AI-powered experiences


Informatica’s intelligent customer data platform provides insights to inspire every customer interaction.

Know your customers and prospects

Recognize your customers and prospects at every touchpoint across all channels and applications so you can deliver the next best experience—one that’s timely, relevant, and engaging.



Customer 360 Insights key features

Realize the full strategic potential of your customer-centric vision with an intelligent Customer Data Platform.

Identity Resolution

Automatically identify data about known and unknown customers, prospects, and accounts with machine learning.


Uncover and infer insights that can be served up to better understand customer preferences, intentions and sentiment.


Build targeted segments that drive hyper personalized marketing campaigns and interactions across channels.


Persist multiple views of the customer with key attributes most relevant to each user’s use case and role.

Complex relationships

Visualize relationships, households, social networks, and B2B hierarchies at scale using a graph date store.


Deliver actionable insights and next best recommendations to users via a rich user interface or an API.

A Maturity Model for Customer 360 Data Strategies

Creating a Better and More Effective Customer 360 Data Strategy

Analyst Reports, eBooks, and More



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Informatica Customer 360 Insights

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Extend your customer data management strategy

Customer 360 Insights works seamlessly with other Informatica Master Data Management solutions so you can sharpen your 360-degree view.

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Multidomain MDM

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Customer 360 SaaS

Discover how to transform business data into intelligent customer experience with our all-in-one, cloud-native Customer 360 SaaS.

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Confidently connect with customers using verified & enriched contact data.

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