Engage Customers

Fuel relevant, personalized engagement with intelligent insights for the next best customer experience.


Engage intelligently

An engaged customer is a loyal one. With a 360 view of your customers, you can deliver relevant, authentic interactions that deepen relationships. Add AI and machine learning to automate and synthesize billions of data points, and you’ll uncover the actionable insights you need to transform customer experience.

Turn data privacy into a customer experience opportunity

Be transparent about the data you collect and how you use it, and you’ll earn your customers’ trust—forming the foundation of longstanding relationships. Informatica’s Consent Management Accelerator for MDM - Customer 360 masters personal and consent data within the same solution, making it easy to deliver the next best experience based on your customers’ preferences.

Business colleagues managing customer data

Modernize your marketing

Elevate your marketing strategies by anticipating customers’ wants and needs, then taking informed actions. An intelligent 360 view of customers delivers information in context so you can tailor communications to an individual’s interests and create frictionless omnichannel experiences that increase conversions across the buyer’s journey.

Focus your sales force

To effectively engage with customers, sales teams need to know a lot about them: how to reach them, where they’re located, what their preferences are, what they’ve purchased, and more. An intelligent 360 view lets sales teams focus on the up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with the greatest potential and fully engage in customer-focused conversations and activities.


Power great customer experiences

Put customers at the center of your service

Customer-centric companies commit to building and maintaining their relationships with customers. They can anticipate and resolve issues quickly, professionally, and decisively because their intelligent 360 customer view creates a trusted customer profile that includes useful information like products and purchases, issues, and service calls.


Customer Success Stories

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Informatica empowered scientific and clinical collaboration at this renowned cancer center by turning data into knowledge and facilitating self-service business intelligence.


RENT A CAR Shifts Digital Transformation into Gear with New Self-Service Options


PayPal reduced time spent collecting, manipulating, administering and reconciling finance master data in favor of time spent creating value through data analysis and analytics.

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