Risk and Compliance

Aggregate, govern, and deliver trusted data for Dodd Frank, CCAR, MiFID II, and BCBS 239 compliance

Banks and capital markets both face unprecedented amounts of regulatory oversight to accurately measure risk and allocate appropriate levels of capital to offset potential losses from all types of risk while, at the same time, enhancing transparency.

Compliance—with MiFID II or BCBS 239, for example—requires the right data. Unfortunately, years of industry consolidation, IT complexity, hand-coded processes, and inadequate data management have resulted in incomplete, outdated, invalid, and inaccurate data sitting in siloes of the business. Without quality data to inform decisions, financial institutions face increased miscalculation of risk and capital allocations, further noncompliance with regulations, and a lack of transparency.

Informatica solutions

Informatica provides a comprehensive, integrated, scalable, and proven platform to integrate, manage, govern, and leverage data to improve ongoing risk management and compliance in today’s global banking industry. Our solutions enable financial institutions to:

  • Access, automate, and scale complex data integration, transformation, and standardization of raw data into valuable insights.
  • Create a central enterprise data catalog of commonly used data for risk management and regulatory reporting with built-in data governance leveraging the scale of Hadoop.
  • Increase trust in your data with integrated data profiling, quality rules management, dashboards, and automated workflow management.
  • Improve visibility into counterparty risk exposures by creating a single source of legal entity master data across the enterprise.
  • Allow data stewards to manage and publish business glossaries across the enterprise.
  • Deliver end-to-end data lineage and insights into your data process to satisfy regulatory audit requests.