Enterprise Data Catalog

Discover and inventory data assets across
your organization.



Key Features

Comprehensive discovery and visibility of all data assets across the enterprise.

Automatic scanning

Improve discovery with automatic scanning across the enterprise for data sources.

Business classifications

Attach business classifications and relate them to technical data assets as annotations.

Semantic search with intelligent facets

Find the data you need with a dynamic faceted search engine.

End-to-end data lineage

Get complete tracking of data movement including column/metric level and detailed impact analysis.

Data relationship views

Quickly identify related tables, views, domains, and reports.

Enhanced auditability

Ensure more complete audits with metadata resource-level read/write permissions for all catalog objects.

Intelligent data suggestions

Get the data you need with data suggestions based on column similarity and inferred domains.

High-performance data profiling

Get more complete data profiles by using Informatica Blaze for high-performance processing.

Connect and catalog any data asset

Provides a comprehensive data catalog of assets across on-premises, cloud, and Hadoop to BI platforms.

Automatic classification

Automatically classify and identify domains and entities across structured and unstructured data assets.

Open APIs

Leverage metadata APIs to integrate into your environment.

Plug-in for Tableau

Discover the right data based on lineage and intelligent metadata from within Tableau reports.

Enterprise Data Catalog Public Cloud Support

Enterprise Data Catalog on Amazon Web Services

Get the same on-premises experience with the advantages of the cloud by hosting Enterprise Data Catalog on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Enterprise Data Catalog on Microsoft Azure

Get a complete view of your data assets and enjoy the same on-premises experience in the cloud by hosting Enterprise Data Catalog on Microsoft Azure.