Enterprise Data Preparation

Prepare and operationalize big data for faster trusted insights.



Key Features

Excel-like interface

An easy-to-use interface allows business analysts to blend data without waiting for IT.

Enterprise collaboration

Manage data publications on a self-service basis, while organizing projects in workspaces.

Rapid blending of data sets

Prebuilt data integration transformations natively process all types of data at any scale.

Smart charts

Enable data exploration with easy-to-use data visualization.

Automated data discovery

Machine intelligence recommends hard-to-find data assets and identifies sensitive data for compliance.

Crowdsourced asset tagging and sharing

Empower analysts to collaborate in the data curation process by easily tagging and sharing data assets.

Self-service Sqoop data transfer

Bi-directional data ingestion and publication between Hadoop and Apache Sqoop sources.

Operationalized data preparation

Record data prep steps as reusable data pipeline mappings for quick execution using Blaze or other engines

Automated data quality

Prebuilt data quality business rule transformations help ensure consistency and accuracy.

User administration and authorization

Leverage Apache Ranger centralized security administration and Apache Sentry role-based access control.