Informatica Data Engineering Quality

Deliver fit-for-purpose big data with scalable, role-based data quality.


Key Features

Cleanse, standardize, and enrich all data—big and small—using an extensive set of prebuilt data quality rules including address verification.

Enrich and standardize any data at scale

Deploy pre-built data quality rules so you can easily handle the scale of big data to improve quality across the enterprise.

Enterprise discovery, search, and profiling

Understand the nature of your data and identify the relationships between various data objects.

Support data science projects’ success

Use relevant, accurate, clean, and valid data to operationalize your machine learning models.

Rich set of data quality transformations

Data standardization, validation, enrichment, de-duplication, and consolidation ensure delivery of high-quality information.

Role-based capabilities

Empowers business users and facilitates collaboration between IT and business stakeholders.

Intelligent data quality

Use AI-driven insights to automate the most critical tasks and streamline data discovery to increase productivity and effectiveness.