Salesforce Data Loader: Informatica Cloud Data Wizard


Informatica Cloud Data Wizard is a next-gen data loader for any user. It’s a native Salesforce app that lets you easily sync common Salesforce objects and custom objects with CSV files, cloud storage like Box, and with SaaS applications such as NetSuite.

One-touch data loader for Salesforce admins & business users

Salesforce Admins, business analysts, developers, and architects can now easily sync common Salesforce objects and custom objects, with CSV files, cloud storage such as Box, and with SaaS applications such as NetSuite with just a few clicks.

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Prebuilt integration templates and on-the-fly transformations

Informatica Cloud’s integration templates let you select any standard or custom Salesforce object, and choose from a variety of integration use cases. Combined with the power of Informatica Cloud’s 100+ connectors and on-the-fly transformations, Salesforce admins can easily connect external apps and files with their Salesforce org.



In-app integration drives better user productivity

The Informatica Cloud Data Wizard data loader lets you execute all your integration workflows without having to leave your Salesforce environment to use another integration tool. Appearing as a tab within Salesforce, just like Chatter, Leads, Contacts, and other objects, the Data Wizard takes you through a step-by-step process of selecting your Salesforce object of choice, selecting the most relevant integration use case, and running your integration process all inside Salesforce.

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Data Wizard Features

Feature Personal




Cloud Storage (e.g. Box)

Pre-built app integration (e.g. NetSuite)

Salesforce Connections


Integration Templates

Support for Salesforce custom objects

Automatic data mapping

Source to Multiple Destination Fields

Advanced Data transformations

Native Salesforce platform app



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