Integrate Cloud Applications

Provide real-time connectivity across cloud and on-premises enterprise applications to manage business processes.


Digital transformation is the top priority to stay competitive in business today, and businesses are generating data at unprecedented rates across cloud and on-premises applications. In addition, the growth in major Cloud ecosystems like Salesforce, AWS, and Azure is creating new opportunities for businesses. One of the biggest barriers to effective digital transformation is connecting, synchronizing, and relating data, applications, and processes among cloud and on-premises systems. As a result, cloud integration is fundamental to digital transformation.


Evolving from SaaS to hybrid

Application integration has become the necessary first step for organizations embarking on more complex projects such as streamling business processes or reporting on it using data warehousing. Alternatively, enterprise application jntegration platforms are being used to solve simple point-to-point application integration tasks across SaaS applications. These use cases have been overkill, resulting in high incurred expenses and months of implementation reqiuring specialized IT skill sets not readily available in many organizations. This has opened the opportunity for a cheaper, faster, more scaleable option: Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to support all hybrid integration strategies as organizations transition their applications to the cloud. 

From hybrid to iPaaS

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services moves past the traditional definition of iPaaS—cloud data integration, cloud application and process integration, API management, and connectivity. Its modern “cloud of clouds” delivers industry-leading data management and integration capabilities, powered by the CLAIRE Engine's artificial intelligence capabilities. At the same time, it allows orgnaizaitons to capitalize on easy-to-use API and service-oriented application integration to integrate data sources in real time with intelligent business processes that span cloud and on-premises applications. Cloud Application Integration provides a unified development environment and breadth of functionality, guides, visual designers, and monitoring capabilities.   



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