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Informatica Cloud Editions & Pricing - US

    Professional Basic Advanced Premium

Sync apps on demand


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Global repository to easily share reusable integrations



Hybrid integration for cloud and on-premise


Real-time cloud app integration services

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Data Integration High-performance bulk data integration 
Real-Time Integration Real-time app integration, service orchestration, and process automation   Optional Optional
Hybrid Integration Interoperability between Informatica Cloud and PowerCenter    
APIs Define, create, and consume REST and SOAP API services    
Intelligent Structure Discovery Auto-generated parsers for machine data and other log files to transform unstructured and complex data into a format you can use in mapping     Optional Optional
Cloud B2B Gateway Out-of-the-box support for EDI formats, partner management, tracking, and monitoring     Optional Optional
Cloud Integration Hub Modernize integration of multiple SaaS applications with a publish/subscribe hub     Optional Optional
Data Quality Contact validation and data quality services     Optional Optional
Administration and Monitoring Everything you need to manage integration lifecycles, including logging, stats, role management, permissions, and monitoring
Advanced Administration Fine-grained access control, delegated administration, user and group management, and 2-factor authentication    
Tier 1 Connectors Out-of-the-box connectivity to your most important enterprise apps 1 1 1 2
Tier 2 Connectors Out-of-the-box connectivity to practically any enterprise data source 1 1 1 3
Cloud Designer 100% cloud designer for developers, SaaS admins, and business analysts    
Sandbox Create sandbox environments for your Informatica Cloud instance.    
Secure Agent Enable secure communication between your organization, endpoints, and Informatica Cloud.
Global Repository Collaborate on development and share reusable integrations/Vibe Integration Packages in a secure, governed way inside your enterprise, with partners and customers.  

Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce

    Basic Standard Multidomain



De-duplicate and standardize
CRM data


Starting price

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Provide single view of


Starting price

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Multidomain Hybrid MDM

Market-leading master data management technology from Informatica

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Native Salesforce Application

Cloud-based multitenant SaaS MDM application optimized specifically for Salesforce




Create single, trusted view of the customer, and
prevent duplicates at the point of data creation




Create consistency across Salesforce, back-office, and third-party data





Consolidate a large number of organizations into one or fewer orgs






Create a 360-degree view of account hierarchies





Expand data consistency and relationships from Salesforce.com to the entire enterprise




Cloud Test Data Management

    Standard Enterprise



Data masking


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Hybrid platform: cloud and on-premise test data management

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Data Masking

Make sensitive information anonymous to avoid unintended exposure and improve data security and privacy compliance


Data Subsetting

Provision or refresh data subsets on demand to improve test data management and control costs





Every feature of Informatica Cloud available via REST APIs



Fine-grained access control, delegated administration, and mobile administration



Out-of-the-box connectivity to Salesforce, Force.com


Secure Agent

Enable secure communication between your organization, endpoints, and Informatica Cloud


Enterprise Capabilities

Cloud and on-premises hybrid model adds expanded platform support, accelerators, templates, and more



Cloud Data Wizard for Salesforce

Informatica Cloud Data Wizard is a next-gen data loader for any user. It’s a native Salesforce app that lets you easily sync common Salesforce objects and custom objects with CSV files, cloud storage like Box, and with SaaS applications such as NetSuite.

Feature Personal




Cloud Storage (e.g. Box)

Pre-built app integration (e.g. NetSuite)

Salesforce Connections


Integration Templates

Support for Salesforce custom objects

Automatic data mapping

Source to Multiple Destination Fields

Advanced Data transformations

Native Salesforce platform app




Add-On Packages


Cloud Connectors deliver connectivity to an enterprise application, database, or file system directory.


Cloud Integration Templates deliver process-centric integration between two or more applications.

Contact Validation Service Transactions

Transactions are available in four tiers covering US/Canada and all world addresses, addresses and geocoding, email, and phone.

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