Data Virtualization

Jumpstart a data warehouse via rapid prototyping and incremental delivery.

Informatica Data Virtualization provides a single environment for data integration and data federation along with role-based tools that share common metadata.

The solution allows analysts to access and merge diverse data directly across systems and to collaborate with IT to create sophisticated business rules that leverage the data profiling, complex transformation, data quality, and data masking capabilities of the Informatica platform.

With Informatica Data Virtualization, your company benefits from a single scalable architecture for both data integration and data federation, creating a data virtualization layer that hides and handles the complexity of accessing underlying data sources—all while insulating them from change.

As a result, analysts get the data they need and trust while IT retains control of the process. IT can also deploy a data virtualization layer that can be quickly reused and operationalized without rework.

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