Ultra Messaging

High throughput and reliability let you improve performance, reduce IT costs, and develop real-time applications.


Enjoy the fastest messaging on the market with sub-100-nanosecond latency, 24x7 reliability, and extremely high throughput.

Ultra Messaging Editions

Ultra Messaging Streaming Edition

Improves performance, reliability, and save costs with low-latency messaging.

Ultra Messaging Persistence Edition

Guaranteed messaging that delivers unsurpassed resilience and performance.

Ultra Messaging Queuing Edition

Leverages the powerful combination of a JMS API plus the well-known performance and high availability of Informatica Ultra Messaging.

Ultra Messaging Options

Extend the capabilities of Ultra Messaging so your IT team can expand the scope of next-generation low-latency messaging.


Ultra-Messaging Options

Options extend the capabilities of the Informatica Ultra Messaging product family, so your IT team can expand the scope of next-generation low latency messaging.

Desktop Services Option

Extend messaging functionality to desktops throughout the enterprise

Dynamic Routing Option

Gain guaranteed messaging over your WAN with automatic best-path selection and hot failover for high availability

SNMP Agent Option

Protect application investments by proactively uncovering network and messaging-stack performance issues

System Monitoring Option

Obtaining a complete view of all Ultra Messaging deployments in the enterprise lets you control risk and reduce costs

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