Provides 360º visibility of sensitive data and analyzes and ranks sensitive data risk.






Secure@Source V2

Data Visibility, Risk, and Financial Impact

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Key Features

Apply prebuilt and customizable definitions to specific data domains to identify and locate private and sensitive data.

360-degree visibility of sensitive data

Automates the intelligent discovery of sensitive and private data by analyzing values across fields and metadata in targeted database sources.

Risk analysis

Determines the level of sensitive data risk by analyzing multiple factors including protection status, user access, activity, location, data cost, classification, and proliferation.

Intelligent sensitive data policies

Allows organizations to intelligently define, discover and analyze data with context.

Dashboards, visualizations, reports, and alerts

Delivers a rich array of dashboards drill-downs to provide enterprise visibility of sensitive data risks and relationships.

Sensitive data proliferation

Provides insight into not only where sensitive data resides, but also where it’s moving and being replicated to other data stores within the organization and to cloud applications.

Security infrastructure integration

Connects to a wide range of security solutions for enterprise data privacy and security risk analysis.



Gold Winner in New Products

Informatica Secure@Source, the industry's first data security intelligence software, named Gold Winner in New Products and Services category by Info Security Products Guide. 

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