360-Degree Engagement

Ensure better business outcomes and competitive advantage with trusted, governed, and relevant customer, product, and supplier data.

Without a single, authoritative view of business-critical data that’s reconciled from disparate, duplicated, and conflicting information, it is impossible to know with certainty, for instance, that Rob Barnes and Robert Barnes are the same person. A trusted and governed view of master data helps organizations deliver great customer experiences, be more confident in their decisions, optimize critical business processes for increased efficiency, and ensure regulatory and policy compliance.

Power great customer experiences

Drive 360 Engagement Use Cases

Deliver Single View of Business-Critical Data

Provide a trusted view of all data to ensure that decisions and processes leverage the best available information.

Engage Customers

Fuel interactions with relevant, personalized, and timely information to increase customer loyalty and grow revenues.

Create a Unique Omnichannel Experience

Fuel all sales channels with consistent, rich, accurate data for an informed and engaging customer experience.

Simplify Supplier Onboarding

Centrally manage supplier relationships, ensure compliance, and assess performance and risk

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