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Informatica for Data Lakes on Microsoft Azure

Integrate, manage, migrate, and catalog virtually all data sources to Azure HDInsight and Data Lake Store. 

Intelligent data management for Data Lakes on Azure

The need to have fast access to trusted data is on the rise. The more complex and extensive the data, the bigger the risk that it is incomplete, inconsistent, inaccurate, and noncompliant with internal controls and external regulations. Informatica’s market-leading AI-driven Enterprise Data Lake Management solutions for Azure help you identify, prepare, integrate, and govern your big data pipelines. This ensures you gain maximum value from all your structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data by integrating new data sources with your existing IT investments.

Unleash the power of big data on Azure

Informatica provides high-throughput data integration and management so business analysts can get the data they need quickly. Hundreds of pre-built high-performance connectors, data integration transformations, and parsers enable virtually any type of data to be quickly ingested and processed on a Microsoft Azure- hosted Hadoop distribution or on Microsoft Azure native HDInsight. Informatica’s unique capabilities like dynamic mappings, dynamic schema support, and parameterization combined with intelligent performance optimization ensures maximum developer productivity, operational reusability, and data integration performance


Operationalize self-service data preparation

Informatica provides a simple excel-like data preparation solution that enables business analysts to get the right data at the right time. Unlike passive data preparation solutions, Informatica’s metadata-driven artificial intelligence capability, the CLAIRE™ engine, accelerates data delivery and business self-service by inferring the structure of, and relationships among, data sets to aid business analysts in their discovery. Collaboration capabilities enable multiple business analysts to curate datasets together using tags and project workspaces. Finally, business analysts can operationalize their work by pushing data preparation steps into reusable transformations for IT to run systematically.

Accelerate data migration with enterprise-wide data discovery

Informatica helps accelerate data migration to Azure with the graph-based Enterprise Data Catalog, which provides insight into data prior to migrations so organizations can create a predictable, viable, and manageable data-migration road map to Azure that preserves data lineage. The machine-learning-based smart catalog classifies and catalogs all your data assets across cloud, on-premises, and big data. You can realize the full potential of your enterprise data assets with a unified metadata view that includes technical metadata, business context, user annotations, relationships, data quality, and usage.


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