Enterprise Data Catalog

Discover and inventory data assets across your organization.



Key Features

Our Enterprise Data Catalog operates at true enterprise scale: scan and index metadata, discover and profile, and provide detailed lineage across tens of millions of data sets. 

Connect and catalog any data asset

Automatic scanning to discover and catalog assets across on-premises, cloud, and big data platforms; across BI tools, ETL, and third-party metadata catalogs; and across structured and unstructured data types.

AI-powered automation

Automate data curation with AI-powered domain discovery, data similarity, and business term associations and recommendations.

Data provisioning

Enable more self-service with simple, click-through data provisioning to deliver your data to desired targets.


Tap into shared data knowledge with certifications, ratings and reviews, a Q&A platform, and change notifications.

End-to-end data lineage

Get complete tracking of data movement, from high-level system views to granular column/metric-level lineage, and detailed impact analysis.

Integrated data quality

Fully understand the quality levels of key data assets by viewing data quality rules, scorecards, metric groups, and profiling stats.

Data relationships and recommendations

Quickly identify related tables, views, domains, and reports. See intelligent data recommendations based on column similarity and inferred domains.

Tableau extension

Discover and understand data in context based on lineage, certifications, peer reviews, and intelligent metadata—all within the native Tableau user interface.

Understand and measure data value

View, measure, analyze, and optimize the value of your data assets with the Data Asset Analytics dashboard. Understand the extent of asset usage, enrichment and collaboration, and the levers to increase data value.

Extend Your Data Cataloging Capabilities with Advanced Scanners

Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners allow you to easily and automatically extract the most granular metadata from SQL scripts and stored procedures in databases and data warehouses, multi-vendor ETL tools, complex enterprise applications, and legacy mainframe systems.


Enterprise Data Catalog Public Cloud Support

Enterprise Data Catalog on Amazon Web Services

Get the same on-premises experience with the advantages of the cloud by hosting Enterprise Data Catalog on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Enterprise Data Catalog on Microsoft Azure

Get a complete view of your data assets and get an on-premises experience in the cloud by hosting Enterprise Data Catalog on Microsoft Azure.

Customer Success Stories


Healthy Data, Healthy Communities: Improving Provider Data and Patient Privacy at L.A. Care Health Plan


AIA Singapore Automates Data Delivery, Personalizing Customer Interactions.


Rabobank moves closer to its goal of 80% online services delivery with Informatica.

Get the Most From Your Data

Enterprise Data Catalog helps you build a strong, flexible foundation to power your data-driven transformation initiatives.
Here are a few examples:

Enhancing Data Quality

Enterprise Data Catalog helps you discover where critical trusted data is within your enterprise. You’ll get clear information about meaning, usage, and business context, helping you develop a deep understanding of your data before applying data quality rules. Data lineage and impact analysis capabilities provide the visibility and control you need to manage change and reduce errors.

Cataloging for Cloud

Every cloud migration journey requires a deep understanding of your data landscape: what data you have, where it’s coming from, and what it impacts. Enterprise Data Catalog delivers that view as part of a strategic approach to cloud migration that provides comprehensive data visibility and minimizes disruption as cloud initiatives evolve. .

Supporting Data Integration Efforts

Enterprise Data Catalog delivers data visibility with business context, which fosters business-IT collaboration and facilitates agile prototyping and development of data integration pipelines. Graphical views of lineage, data flows, and impact analysis help business users easily discover and better understand your data.

Identifying and Classifying Master Data

Enterprise Data Catalog helps you identify and classify master data about customers, products, suppliers, employees, and more—including prioritizing the sources that supply your master data. Metadata-based profiling provides insight into data accuracy and completeness, making it easier to plan MDM initiatives and support self-service.

Increasing the Power of Analytics

Whether your next-generation analytics needs involve self-service capabilities or cloud data lakes, you must discover your data before you prepare it. Informatica has what you need: ingest, integrate, and enrich your data with Informatica Data Engineering Integration; find, discover, and classify the data with Enterprise Data Catalog; then prepare your data with Enterprise Data Preparation.

Powering Data Governance at Scale

Successful data governance depends on knowing what data you have, where it is located, where it’s coming from, what the quality is, and how it's being used. Enterprise Data Catalog and its AI-driven insights help automate data discovery and cataloging processes so you can keep up with the ever-increasing volume of data. You can get visibility into all data—no matter where it resides—along with the critical business context you need to make informed decisions about data governance.