Manage Data Complexity

Manage data and deliver a connected experience across cloud and on-premises environments.


Successful companies have discovered that cloud is a critical enabler and accelerator of digital transformation, with the ability to support rapid innovation, lower IT overhead, and shifting data management needs at scale. With diverse multi-cloud environments, proliferation of data, and APIs spanning new applications, cloud amplifies data management and integration challenges. Existing solutions can fragment, causing more data silos, increasing costs, and hindering business outcomes. 


Facilitating flexibility

Take the journey to cloud at your own pace. A flexible, intelligent data management platform allows yout to take advantage of existing on-premises investments as you evolve new data management and analytics capabilities in the cloud, without compromising IT and business agility. Reduce time to market, optimize costs, and accelerate revenue streams by connecting data across on-premises and cloud from sources as varied as the Internet of Things (IoT), streaming, and big data. This route lets you leverage existing skills, resources, and knowledge with a single environment that adapts to multiple personas and data types.

Guiding your journey

Informatica offers the most comprehensive and modular data management platform, supporting analytics, application integration, data integration, data quality, master data management, and data governance and privacy. It handles data and computing from both cloud and on-premises sources and can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or both. It affords you the ability to innovate and experiment thanks to integrations with public cloud vendors and unparalleled connectivity with hundreds of cloud and on-premises solutions.



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