Data Governance for Risk and Compliance

A holistic data governance solution can help regulated industries access trusted and auditable data.

Your GDPR Action Plan for Compliance

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Meet compliance requirements with confidence with a governance program that delivers identifiable, trustworthy data and mitigates risk. 

Your company is likely dealing with stringent data-related compliance requirements, but the reality is:

  • You don’t have visibility into your data.
  • You don’t have confidence in your data because multiple versions exist.
  • And you don’t have a way to identify where all of your sensitive data is located.

The truth is, poor data management leads to inaccurate reporting, and inaccurate reporting can lead to hefty penalties that could expose you to even greater financial risk.



Your best bet is to satisfy industry regulations and manage risk with better data. Informatica’s Data Governance solution helps you comply with data-related regulations by giving you visibility into your data and the ability to identify and secure sensitive data so your important information is always protected.

With trusted data, you can create more accurate and detailed reports to meet the demanding regulatory requirements and avoid heavy fines of non-compliance. Our solution also facilitates collaboration among various stakeholders so you can build a repeatable business process around your data governance projects, reducing operational costs.

Informatica's Data Governance solution supports your risk and compliance efforts by:

  • Helping you comply with data-related regulations and avoid related fines.
  • Allowing easy identification and security of sensitive data.
  • Reducing the labor and regulatory costs of non-compliance.
  • Eliminating reputational risk.

Customer Success Stories

Fannie Mae

Informatica helped Fannie Mae ensure clean and correct data is collected and integrated from 100+ data sources


HealthNow improves data governance with Informatica

BBVA Compass

BBVA Compass sources new data 50% more quickly

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