Accelerate data science projects

Get good, clean data you can trust for your AI and machine learning projects

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Accelerate AI & machine learning models with the power of cloud

Drive informed business decisions, create competitive advantage, and accelerate digital transformation with insights delivered by AI, machine learning, and data science projects


Data Science Acceleration

Improve data ingestion, leverage serverless computing and automation, and leverage the power of AI for MLOps practices.

Increase data available for analysis
Use the power of AI-driven automation, a user-friendly wizard-based UI, and thousands of connectors to rapidly ingest databases, files, and streaming data.
Build reliable data pipelines faster
Rapidly build intelligent data pipelines with CLAIRE®-powered automation to gain faster business insights, lower TCO, and speed time to market with serverless deployment and elastic scaling
Easily discover and prepare data for AI and ML
Intelligent, automated data cataloging and data preparation accelerate time to insight by giving teams access to data that’s already transformed, fit for use, and masked for privacy.


Shire Pharmaceuticals speeds data processing to accelerate new therapies

“Speed is everything in our sector. Through Informatica, we’re accelerating product development and reducing time to market for our therapies, which helps to enrich the lives of people around the world.”

Shyam Dadala

Enterprise Analytics Architecture; Engineer, Shire Pharmaceuticals


Create an integrated, central repository for enterprise data and enable quick, easy access to analytics tools


Consolidate disparate data sources on Microsoft Azure with Informatica Cloud Data Integration


A flexible cloud data platform gives Shire analysts self-service analytics capabilities without intensive data preparation
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MLOps: 5 steps to operationalize data science

Machine Learning Ops plays a key role in generating business value from data science projects. Learn the 5 steps of MLOps in our exclusive webinar.
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Find and Prepare Any Data for Self-Service Analytics

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MLOps: 5 Steps to Operationalize Data Science

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Informatica Cloud Data Ingestion and Replication

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Informatica Cloud Data Quality

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Begin—or accelerate—your data science and AI/ML journey with Informatica

Operationalize data pipelines for AI/ML projects and support model building, deployment, and modeling with intelligent, automated solutions for MLOps.

Cloud Data Ingestion and Replication

Efficiently ingest databases, files and streaming data for real-time data replication and streaming analytics.

Cloud Data Integration

Intelligent, automated, high performance, multi-cloud data integration at scale

Cloud Data Quality

Quickly identify, fix and monitor data quality problems in cloud and on-premises business applications.

Enterprise Data Catalog

Find and inventory all data assets throughout your organization.

What could you do with intelligent cloud data management?