Customer Centricity Solutions

Grow your revenue and relationships and become customer centric with your data.

According to a recent PWC survey, 61 percent of bankers say a customer-centric business model is “very important,” yet only 17 percent feel “very prepared.” Knowing who your customers are, what accounts they have or do not have, and how they are related to other customers across all lines of business is critical to becoming more customer centric. At the same time, customer expectations are changing, competitors are becoming fiercer, and employees—including relationship bankers and financial advisors—need the right information at their fingertips to cross-sell new products and provide the best customer experience in today’s financial services marketvia omni-channel marketing.

Traditional business silos, ongoing mergers and acquisitions, and antiquated banking and customer information systems continue to cause banks to struggle in connecting relationships with customers, employees, and business partners. Banks’ past investments in analytic applications and business intelligence software provided some information about customers, account relationships, and account status. However, such systems were not designed to monitor, manage, govern, and master the latest and most trusted information across all systems—from customer- facing channels, to CRM, to marketing, and to front-office trading systems across all lines of business. Only a customer-centric data management platform can do all this.

With Informatica solutions for Customer-Centricity, you can: 

  • Identify unique customers, relate account relationships, and define relationships with other customers and employees to share Mastered Customer Records across disparate systems and with any business application across traditional business silos
  • Monitor and update mastered records or create a unique record in real time as new data is entered or updated at the source, and share those updates to systems that depend on that golden record of the truth
  • Identify and fix common and complex data-quality errors from address data to complex data-quality issues originating from core account-management and transaction systems, whether on premises or in the cloud
  • Integrate structured and unstructured data into Big Data and Hadoop platforms to improve the performance of new analytic application investments
  • Access and publish data across systems in real-time via a centralized Data Integration Hub

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