Low Latency Messaging for Capital Markets

Fast, reliable, and efficient next-generation messaging for global capital markets

Today’s capital markets are volatile and complex. Your ability to stay ahead of the competition in this environment depends on executing trades efficiently across all asset classes and geographies. But legacy trading systems are unable to keep up with rapidly increasing market volumes. The underperforming messaging technology powering these systems limits a firm’s ability to meet service levels, generate revenue, and retain existing clients. 

To address these challenges requires replacing costly legacy or in-house messaging solutions with a single unified system—one that powers your trading applications with modern, reliable, and ultrafast low-latency messaging. Capital markets firms demand a low-latency messaging solution that boosts application performance, reliability, and efficiency while eliminating the need for hardware—and freeing the people who otherwise would have to maintain it.

The Informatica solution for Low Latency Messaging for Capital Markets has helped firms worldwide in more than 200 production deployments solve these challenges. It is the first modern peer-to-peer low-latency messaging solution powered by industry-leading technology.

With the Informatica solution, you can:

  • Gain a competitive edge using reliable streaming messaging that gives you the lowest possible end-to-end latency and true 24/7 uptime for revenue- generating trading systems
  • Boost productivity by handling increasing message volumes (including sudden spikes) with near-linear scalability and minimal latency impact
  • Increase efficiency by standardizing on a strategic, flexible messaging platform with a single common API for greater agility
  • Reduce expenses by operating on low-cost commodity hardware versus expensive proprietary platforms and eliminating the need for messaging brokers

Key capabilities of low latency messaging

Unlike homegrown or other low-latency messaging technologies for capital markets, the Informatica solution is powered by the industry’s fastest and most modern, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective messaging software, Informatica Ultra Messaging. With it, this solution addresses the performance liabilities, risks, and cost-of-ownership challenges created by legacy messaging platforms.

The Informatica Solution for Low Latency Messaging for Capital Markets features the following capabilities:

  • Industry-leading peer-to-peer low-latency messaging designed to improve market data distribution, smart order routing, and similar pre- and post-trade applications that require reliable streaming, guaranteed messaging (persistence), or both: 
    • Improved application performance—latency and throughput gains are limited only by available network and server resources
    • True 24/7 uptime and near-linear scalability— no servers, brokers, or daemons to fail or cause slowdowns
  • Parallel persistence technology to provide guaranteed messaging with near-streaming performance(including over the WAN for FX) and zero-latency failover, compared to store-and-forward systems that delay every message and require expensive SAN hardware for failover
  • Single common API for all trading use cases, messaging semantics, and network protocols to optimally distribute data among trading applications on a single server, within a data center, or across global networks
  • No servers to buy, power, service, or maintain, helping your business minimize IT costs and improve profit margins even in the face of new application rollouts

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