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Data management powers effective crisis response

Successful crisis response hinges on managing a deluge of data. By productively managing fast-moving data from a variety of sources, you can coordinate an integrated, wide-reaching initial response, smooth the path to recovery, and prepare for future incidents.


Deliver a coordinated, data-driven response

Ensure that everyone from policy makers to data scientists are making decisions based on high-quality data.

Automatically discover & prepare data
Validate and enrich contact data such as citizen, employee, and business addresses and phone numbers and instantly verify email addresses with Data as a Service.
Ingest & integrate data at scale
Achieve high performance, reliability, and near-universal connectivity for mission-critical processes with cloud-native data integration and ingestion.
Standardize & catalog all data
Streamline data search and retrieval efforts by using AI and machine learning to automate the discovery and understanding of your data across systems with a data catalog.
Create a single source of truth
Manage billions of records to link citizen, patient, or claimant data and identify relationships using an AI/ML-driven master data management solution.


Navigate unforeseen challenges with intelligent crisis data management


“Having the right tools to enhance data governance really helped our health system understand the impacts of COVID-19 and provide clear and concise information to help facilitate decision-making.”

Rachini Ahmadi-Moosavi

Executive Director of Analytical Services & Data Governance, UNC Health


Surface COVID-19 screening results and medical resource demands to aid executive decision-making.


Informatica Axon Data Governance and Enterprise Data Catalog make high-quality data easily accessible.



Delivered first executive dashboard in a weekend, enabling faster resource management for the pandemic.

Informatica Data Quality Accelerator for Crisis Response

With more than 65 pre-built, re-usable data quality rules, our accelerator includes support for rapid data cleansing to speed data handling both on-premises and in the cloud.


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Build a data management framework that is ready for anything

Get best-of-breed quality on an integrated platform with Informatica data management solutions.

Verify Contact Data

Ensure your contact data is current, accurate, and complete so you can reach your customers when it matters most.

Data Integration

Data integration tools and solutions can help you bring your disparate data together with a unified view for better analysis and business insights.

Data Quality and Observability

Ensure consistently high data quality across cloud and on-premises data sources.

Data Governance and Privacy

Govern data to optimize value, reduce operational costs, and mitigate compliance risks.

Data Privacy

Intelligently discover, classify, and analyze all your sensitive data.

Enterprise Data Catalog

Find and inventory all data assets throughout your organization.

Master Data Management

Delivers reliable business-critical data so you can optimize operations and make informed decisions.

Cloud Mass Ingestion

Efficiently ingest databases, files and streaming data for real-time data replication and streaming analytics.

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