Drive 360 Engagement

Transform customer experience, omnichannel commerce, and supplier visibility with trusted data and contextual insights.

With 360 engagement, you gain contextual and complete insights. AI-powered 360 solutions help you to synthesize data, identify relationships, and deliver business insights with a trusted view of your data. Now you can recognize that Margaret Murphy and Peggy Murphy are the same person—and uncover what action to take next.

Transform oceans of data into customer intelligence


Looking for the key to customer experience success? You’ll find it in our collection of customer stories and other curated resources to inspire you no matter where you are on your customer experience journey.

Drive 360 Engagement Use Cases

Deliver Single View of Business-Critical Data

Ensure decisions and processes leverage the best available information for ongoing success.

Engage Customers

Fuel interactions with trusted information and create relevant, personalized experiences that increase customer loyalty, engagement, and advocacy.

Create a Unique Omnichannel Experience

Deliver an informed and engaging experience with rich, accurate, and consistent product information across all digital touchpoints.

Simplify Supplier Information Management

Bolster supply chain efficiency, improve supplier insights, and gain faster time to market with streamlined supplier onboarding and visibility.

Improve Financial Data Management

Unlock the true value of finance data with a cloud-native solution.

Customer Success Stories

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