Move to the Cloud

Why the cloud is a decisive moment for data management leaders

Approach Your Cloud Your Way

As you move to the cloud, it doesn't matter if you're taking a cloud-first approach, or getting there using both on-premises and cloud sources. What's important is that the data traveling across your cloud and on-premises systems is seamlessly connected, managed, trusted and secured. To help you get started on your journey and to keep your project on track, we've gathered some useful resources together on this page for you, including exclusive content from analysts, demo videos and more.

Exclusive Content



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Cloud Use Cases

As you embark on your cloud journey, discover the best use cases to start with, and how to scale fast to help your organization reach its data-driven digital transformational goals.

Accelerate Business Insights

Rapidly bring scalable and flexible cloud data warehouses into production to deliver insights you can trust to run your business.

Integrate Cloud Applications

Provide real-time connectivity across cloud and on-premises enterprise applications to manage, automate, and monitor business processes and workflows.

Manage Data Complexity

Manage data and deliver a connected experience across cloud and on-premises environments.

Public Cloud Solutions

Accelerate the benefits of public cloud economies, scale, and agility with Informatica solutions.

Microsoft Azure

Extend the power of Azure by connecting trusted data from any source across your enterprise.

Amazon Redshift

Unlock the power of Amazon Redshift with connected, trusted, meaningful data from any source.

Google Cloud Platform

Power business innovation by delivering, managing, and synchronizing connected, trusted data from all sources.