Solve the data-related challenges of taking your offering to market

The Informatica OEM Program enables your company to leverage or embed Informatica’s industry-leading enterprise data management technology built on Vibe into packaged applications, Cloud/Saas offerings, aggregated data products, specialized analytics and managed services that you develop, deliver, distribute, or host. With Informatica, you can:

  • Shrink the time-to-value
  • Establish new, incremental revenue streams
  • Create competitive advantage

Informatica offers the only virtual data machine in the world. It’s called VibeTM. Vibe™ is inside the broad portfolio of products built specifically to address your use cases.

Vibe resolves the myriad of data-related issues preventing widespread adoption and market scale. You can innovate and deliver your own intellectual property while insulating it from the fast-paced architectural changes taking place today.

Informatica OEM Program Benefits

When you join the Informatica OEM Program, your company receives the following benefits:

  • New revenue opportunities. Leverage Informatica to expand your reach with new solutions that had previously been financially impractical.
  • Faster and cheaper development, deployment, and user adoption. Rapidly and easily build Informatica Platform capabilities with a code-free software development kit.
  • Future proof your investment. Informatica Vibe ensures complete access to all data sources, types and volumes without the need for recoding when you need to access new data sources
  • Maximized technology investments. Seamlessly integrate the Informatica Platform into your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Reduced risk. Dramatically reduce the risk that your solutions may fail to deliver ROI to your customers because of inaccessible or poor quality data.
  • Flexible pricing. Map your licensing costs to your business model and minimize upfront capital costs.
  • Flexible deployment models. Whether you are looking for a hybrid, cloud or on premise environment, we can support you.

When you sell your solution to a new customer, it’s imperative to get your customer up and running as soon as possible so you can start realizing revenue.

However, the onboarding process can be very manual. Customers typically provide a wide variety of data formats and systems to which they need to interface, creating a number of challenges for delivering time to value.

By leveraging Informatica you can streamline the data on-boarding process, reduce the go-live time and recognize revenue faster by taking advantage of:

  • Out of the box connectivity
  • Data format libraries
  • Web based tools to allow your own customers map their own data
  • Data quality software to access, de-duplicate and improve the data

Learn more by listening to this video on how to make money with the Informatica platform.

“By incorporating Informatica’s innovative cloud-based data integration technology into our Cloud BI platform, MicroStrategy offers its customers a best-of-breed approach that is easy to implement and highly cost-effective, while sacrificing nothing in application power, performance, and flexibility.”

— David Polley, Director of Cloud Enterprise Programs, MicroStrategy

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Informatica can help you establish an incremental revenue stream by cross-selling to existing customers and determining which solutions to build in order to attract new customers. However, there are data challenges to do this, including:

  • Integrating data with different on premise applications
  • Working with new cloud offerings
  • Accessing new types of data sitting behind the firewall

By using the Informatica platform as the foundation for managing data within your offering, you can easily integrate data across on-premise and cloud systems, eliminating the need to spend development resources to building those integrations.

Embedding packaged templates within your business user interface will allow you to build your solution footprint and revenue opportunity quicker.

Learn more by listening to this video on how to make money with the Informatica platform.

“Partnering with Informatica has given us a scalable, automated solution to address customer growth and to reduce complexity. We now have a high-volume data integration architecture to help generate billions of emails each month for our customers, with headroom for continued growth."

— Antonio Casacuberta, CTO, Responsys

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To expand your offerings in the marketplace, you are forced to interface with a wide variety of data sources and to map business requirements to your solution. If done manually, this process will force you to allocate your precious resources to low value maintenance and development efforts while limiting your ability to reuse rules and data services.

By leveraging the Informatica solution as a foundation for managing your data regardless where it resides, you can standardize on a common set of tools and customer best practices to:

  • Accelerate data integration in the development
  • Develop solutions fasters
  • Add diverse customer segments in your offerings
  • Invest on key priorities that drive intellectual property
  • Differentiate yourself in the marketplace

Learn more by listening to this video on how to make money with the Informatica platform.

“We are a native application and in order to ensure we are providing our customers the ability to effectively manage customer retention, reduce unexpected customer churn and identify upsell opportunities, we need to gather information from a number of sources – our customers’ marketing systems, our own instances and from databases such as Mongo DB and Hadoop.
We needed a partner we can trust to make this happen and that is why we chose Informatica Cloud, powered by Vibe.”

— Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight

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