Implement the Industry’s First “Easy Switch” for Complex Data Integration Environments

Even the best managed large-scale enterprise data integration environments grow complex over time. Integrations reuse components but there are too many end-to-end integrations And the time to onboard new systems or applications is simply too long for the requirements of an agile business. If and when something goes wrong, does anyone notice?

From Switchboards to Switches

A century ago, the average time to establish a connection for a long distance call was 15 minutes. Today, we’ve seen telephony switches and ultimately IP switching revolutionize the communications industry, allowing people to connect instantly with the push of a button and power many-to-many connections for applications such as video conferencing and chat.

The Informatica Data Integration Hub is a new information infrastructure service that enables the same evolution for data integration by adding the equivalent of an online directory, a dial tone, one-to-many, and many-to-many connections.

Informatica is the first to apply a publish-and-subscribe model to data integration, delivering automation without compromising control. The Informatica Data Integration Hub is not a black box but rather the up-leveling and automation of data and application integration best practices. The business benefits are nothing short of game changing:

  • Application independence—migrate, upgrade, move to the cloud—it all becomes instantly more simple
  • Substantial productivity gains for IT—up to 70 percent fewer interfaces in large implementations
  • Zero compromise on control—full data lineage, traceability, and security
  • Business empowerment—the ability to take ownership of  business logic without the need to wait on IT resources
  • IT enablement—the ability to design and manage the flow and consumption of information that powers agile businesses

The Informatica Data Integration Hub provides an elegant alternative to rigid point-to-point integrations by decoupling data sources and destinations in favor of a logical model. Through an innovative architecture, applications self-subscribe to a centralized catalogue of published data sets. The Informatica Data Integration Hub reduces overall complexity by publishing once and distributing anywhere, anytime, every time, guaranteed.

Informatica Data Integration Hub Key Features

Self-Managed Persistency

Self-Managed Persistency

  • Supports any latency mode (batch, near real-time, or real-time) with automated storage to meet any business process need
  • Reduces transactional system overhead by accessing data sources only once

Complete Data Management

  • Ensures trust in your data through centralized data certification processes for all your data in motion
  • Promotes data reuse through subscription data catalogues with configuration options to combine, filter, transform, or mask it to meet any business need

Subscribers Configure Publications to Meet Their Needs

Efficient Interaction Management

  • Reduces application interdependence through the publish-and-subscribe method of integration
  • Accelerates time to market for new integrations, internal or external, through self-service on-boarding and out-of-the-box integration templates

Holistic Monitoring and Control

Holistic Monitoring and Control

  • Gives visibility into data and application integration processes, including the ability to track data lineage
  • Data security and access controls ensures that no data moves unprotected and that data can only be accessed by authorized applications
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