Improve Quality of Care and Gain Competitive Advantage

Providers today are being challenged to transform the delivery of healthcare, more than ever before. Regulatory changes, together with market dynamics, are adversely impacting their ability to generate revenue, provide quality care, and respond to unforeseen changes. Healthcare organizations must rely on their data to create strategies to advance care coordination, improve care quality, and achieve a competitive advantage.

The data needed for analysis and operations, however, are often of poor quality and inadequate to support relevant use cases. These data quality issues are so pervasive that they degrade healthcare organizations’ most mission-critical information (known as master data), including patient, member, and provider identities; plan details; and the relationships between them.

The Informatica Solution for Healthcare Data Management

The Informatica solution for healthcare data management ensures that your analytics efforts are strengthened with a robust healthcare data model—trustworthy provider, patient, member and location data—and data quality tools. With the ability to trust this master data, your healthcare organization can improve quality of care, increase competitive advantage, and enhance operational agility.

This solution makes transparent the relationships across and among data sets to help answer complex questions and reveal valuable information within master data. Using the Informatica solution for healthcare data management, you can:

  • Improve patient care coordination and quality with a comprehensive understanding of providers, patients, members and locations
  • Foster loyalty by enabling consistent communication
  • Increase revenue with targeted service and product offerings and improved marketing effectiveness
  • Create competitive advantage by rapidly integrating data after mergers and acquisitions
  • Eliminate data inconsistencies to adapt to the demands of regulations such as the Affordable Care Act

Key Capabilities of Healthcare Data Management

Unlike competing offerings, the Informatica solution for healthcare data management offers an industry-specific healthcare data model and data quality tools that can adapt to evolving requirements and accelerate the time to value. It empowers you to improve care coordination, differentiate your quality of service, and achieve the return that you expect on your data.

Based on the Informatica Platform, this solution features the following capabilities:

  • Master Data Management with a prebuilt, healthcare data model that includes providers, patients, locations, employees, and details about the relationships among them
  • Flexibility to extend the healthcare data model to suit unique clinical and business requirements
  • Visualization and predefined relationships (such as patient-to-provider and member-to-plan), to provide a comprehensive view of customers
  • Role-based view of persons, including indications of whether a patient is also an employee or a member already has an account
  • Integrated data quality tools to maintain the trustworthiness of data, correct errors, and eliminate duplicates
  • Industry-leading enterprise data integration to efficiently move the data to and from enterprise and cloud based healthcare applications, including support for the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System
  • Scalable and proven architecture to support millions of data records, while maintaining real-time performance
  • Intuitive dashboard to monitor data quality trends