Rabobank, the second largest bank in the Netherlands, is a multinational banking and financial services company. The organization is a global leader in food and agricultural financing and sustainability-oriented banking, with a mission to growing a better world together

“Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog helps us increase and promote the value of our data assets, which are the foundation of everything we do.”

— Anil Bandarupalli, Solution Architect for Data Management, Rabobank


Business Need

Empower data stewards with a user-friendly data catalog

Choose a solution that integrates easily with other tools

Model the impact of any changes to the data environment



Understand data lineage across the bank to create business value and growth opportunities while driving digital transformation

Comply with regulatory requirements for financial services, such as BCBS 239 for risk data aggregation and reporting

Promote data governance and improve overall data quality to help increase the value of data assets and maintain that value over time


Solutions & Results

Inventory and catalog data using Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog for end-to-end data lineage and complete tracking of data movement

Give employees an easy-to-use interface and simple search to quickly discover data and its lineage for auditors or internal projects

Reduce the duration of root cause analysis processes to empower data stewards to identify and remediate data quality issues faster

Creates a better understanding of what data means, where it came from, how it has been transformed, and how it can be used safely and strategically

Strengthens BCBS 239 compliance and other regulatory reporting by making it easier to give auditors the transparency they require

Helps increase and promote the value of data assets, allowing Rabobank’ s Data Governance Board to deliver more effective projects and services


Products & Services

Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog

A machine learning-based data catalog that lets you classify and organize data assets across any environment to maximize data value and reuse, and provides a metadata system of record for the enterprise.

Informatica Data Quality

Deliver the right data quality capabilities at the right time and the right scale to the right users.

Informatica Power Center

PowerCenter forms the foundation for all your data integration initiatives, including analytics and data warehousing, application migration, or consolidation and data governance.

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