Maximize Your Mainframe Data Integration Investment Without Mainframe-Specific Skills

Informatica's mainframe data integration solutions are designed to interoperate seamlessly with Informatica PowerCenter and Informatica PowerExchange on Linux, UNIX, and Windows platforms. These solutions provide flexible, scalable data transformation and data access capabilities on your mainframe and on commodity servers.

  • Informatica PowerCenter for z/Linux. Run secure CPU-intensive transformations at full speed, with complete access to the entire range of sources and targets supported by PowerExchange, wherever data resides.
  • PowerCenter for Linux, UNIX, or Windows. Access mainframe data completely and securely with the encrypted communication in PowerCenter as well as PowerExchange's adherence to all access controls established by SAF and the data source.
  • PowerExchange for z/OS and z/Linux. Access mainframe data in multiple formats and any supported environment, quickly and securely, without queuing or staging tables.
  • PowerExchange Change Data Capture Option. Lower your MIPS usage and manage costs by sending captured mainframe data to PowerCenter running on z/Linux or any other supported PowerCenter environment.

Balance Security, Performance, and Cost with Mainframe Data Integration

Informatica's mainframe data integration solutions enable you to configure a highly scalable, real-time data integration environment that extends the value of your existing mainframe and the data it contains. These solutions help you balance security, performance, and cost according to your own requirements.

  • Security. Maintain data security through access controls, encryption, and virtualized network technology, whether you access mainframe data in the mainframe environment or via Linux, UNIX,
    or Windows.
  • Performance. Access mainframe data directly and at full speed from any source or target supported by PowerExchange, whether it's in files, relational databases, or prerelational databases.
  • Cost. Lower MIPS-based costs, save development time, and decrease total cost of ownership by deferring upgrades to your mainframe environment.

Integrate Data from Multiple Mainframe Sources and Targets

Informatica's mainframe data migration solutions support a broad variety of common mainframe sources and targets so you can integrate mainframe data and deliver it to the right place, at the right time, in the right format.

  • z/OS
    Binary flat files
    DB2 for z/OS
    IMS DB
    WebSphere MQ
  • z/Linux
    Binary flat files
    DB2 for Linux
    WebSphere MQ