Improve Time-to-Value of Mergers and Acquisitions

Align critical business data from across the organization more quickly by simplifying, rationalizing, migrating and integrating key business data

The ongoing need to increase market share and revenues requires the Insurance industry to continually examine the potential value of Mergers and Acquisitions. Ensuring any Merger or Acquisition delivers shareholder value quickly and effectively requires the new organization to have flexible and adaptable data management solutions that will quickly and efficiently rationalize, consolidate, migrate, and integrate data from the legacy organizations. This requires data from operational and analytical systems to support core business functions across front, mid, and back office systems as well as data from across all lines of the business including underwriting, actuarial, finance, risk, claims, sales and marketing. Whilst this is happening, the data and IT organizations need to rationalize the new application and data landscape whilst determining which systems remain and which should be decommissioned. This is to quickly eliminate redundancy and reduce operational costs. Many Insurance institutions suffer from issues such as human intervention requirements, manual data processing and use of unsuitable tools that often result in data quality, consistency, and availability issues that can impact the value of a Merger or Acquisition.

The Informatica Intelligent Data Platform (IDP)enables companies involved in a merger and/or acquisition to: 

  • Provide a single, combined and trusted source of Policyholder, customer, product, finance, risk and/or accounting data across the new organisation to support post M&A sales, marketing, and customer service activities
  • Speed up, and increase the accuracy and quality of, the migration, consolidation, and integration processes for critical business data across front, mid, and back offices systems
  • Archive data from legacy systems, planned for decommissioning, and maintaining accessibility to that data for business users and critical business systems 

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