5 Ways API Management Will Benefit Your Business Day-to-Day

Last Published: Oct 07, 2021 |
Joel Fernandes
Joel Fernandes

Product Marketing Manager, Cloud

API management is the systematic process of designing, deploying, and controlling application programming interfaces (APIs) in a secure manner. API management solutions are seeing a lot of traction as organizations are moving their entire application stack to the cloud, in turn, driving the need for API-based integration to connect these cloud applications.

But, creating APIs for integrating applications and processes is not the only goal for organizations. They are also looking for a unified API management solution that can deliver end-to-end API lifecycle management, including greater visibility, control and security of APIs that are consumed and exposed.

API management in Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) allows organizations to easily deploy, manage, and control the use of APIs for enterprise services and processes.

5 ways API management in IICS can impact your business day-to-day

Here are five ways API Management in IICS can help your business:

1. Deliver superior customer and developer experience

Looking to deliver superior customer experience, especially through digital channels? Then API management is critical, as it’s key to business process automation and orchestrating workflows. API management in IICS isn’t just about system and process integration. It allows you to harness the true power of APIs in delivering customer experience.

With API Management in IICS, you can monitor real-time API consumption patterns to get a thorough understanding of customer behavior, workflows and processes and then use those insights to make changes or enhance the business process for a superior customer experience.

The API Portal capability in Informatica’s API management solution offers a single, easy-to-access API portal for application developers. The portal offers a “try it” API testing capability, which allows developers to quickly test an API before using it in an application. Think of it like a sandbox capability, which lets you see the API in action before making it live for the application users. The portal’s analytics dashboard   enables development teams to discover, explore, purchase, test and register to access and use APIs.

2. Enable real-time integration between applications

On average, organizations use 1,295 cloud applications.1 They use APIs to connect those applications, which would otherwise function independently. Business applications like ERPs, CRMs, and marketing automation platforms need to talk to one another and carry out the desired business processes without any manual intervention. With an automated API management solution, you can centrally manage all the APIs that connect your business applications and processes. You can also orchestrate the process workflows syncing multiple applications can be orchestrated to meet the desired outcome set by the organization.

3. Unleash AI-powered API management for data privacy and compliance

Take advantage of the Informatica CLAIRE engine to easily apply privacy policies for personally identifiable information (PII) data, and audit, record, and block PII leakage in API requests and responses. Manually identifying and applying policies for PII is a tedious task. But, our AI/ML can understand the metadata in terms of PII and add data masks or sort the personal data in an organized manner – without any manual intervention as per the policies set by the organization. You can select the type of information to protect and whether to apply that protection to requests, responses, or both. Whether you are exposing or making API calls, CLAIRE-based metadata discovery gives your teams the intelligence they need to understand and capture the value of your data.

4. Develop zero-code APIs

Define application, data, and process APIs quickly using a graphical designer to expose REST and SOAP APIs. Informatica API Management lists all available REST and SOAP web services for API consumers. Zero-code development means   citizen integrators, ad-hoc integrators and developers can all develop APIs. Informatica API Management provides a dashboard that showcases all APIs, along with information on how to use them.

You can also use Informatica’s sophisticated application integration services to orchestrate API-based systems and expose APIs to your applications, teams, and partners. And when you’re ready to expose your application and data service APIs to your partners, customers, or even just within the enterprise, use our built-in API gateway to secure and monitor your REST and SOAP application and data APIs.

5. Gain greater visibility and security with total API lifecycle management

API administrators and developers can easily control and monitor their API lifecycle including activation, deactivation, and decommissioning. The API analytics dashboard includes a visual summary of API usage analytics, such as trends and usage over time, APIs with the most invocations, and the most frequent users.

API admins can take corrective actions, such as changing API usage limit to fulfill a business need based on real-time insights. With API monitoring, you can quickly identify and analyze unauthorized API access attempts and policy exceptions. API monitoring also provides comprehensive security and exception logging. Access to APIs is controlled and secured using policies for authorization, rate limiting—including endpoint-specific rate limits and IP filtering policies—and IP whitelist and blacklist.

Get started with API management and IICS

API Management is part of Informatica Data Management Platform (IICS) – the industry’s most comprehensive iPaaS solution supporting cloud data integrationcloud application and process integrationAPI managementmaster data management, and much more.

With Informatica API Management solution, you can develop, publish, manage, monitor, deprecate, and consume APIs to orchestrate business processes spanning multiple clouds and on-premises systems within and outside your firewalls.

Get started with Informatica API Management now – start your free, 30-day trial.


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First Published: Apr 06, 2021