Advancing z/OS Architecture Connectivity: Informatica Raises the Bar with Cloud

Last Published: Jan 22, 2024 |
Philip Line
Philip Line

Director, Product Management

In recent years, Informatica has been enhancing its overall strategy for interoperating with the IBM z/OS architecture (IBM Z). Historically, we have relied upon our PowerExchange mainframe and change data capture (CDC) capabilities. Facilitating the connectivity for PowerCenter, PowerExchange has been tried and trusted within Informatica for decades. The software is installed on the z/OS system with the customer being responsible for applying patches or version upgrades as and when made available by Informatica.

IBM Z is an essential element of your hybrid cloud and AI strategy. As customers accelerate their adoption of hybrid cloud, Informatica has fine-tuned its approaches to interact seamlessly with the z/OS architecture. This adjustment led to the introduction of Informatica Cloud Mass Ingestion, providing access and connectivity to the z/OS architecture. Initially targeting Db2 on z/OS, mass ingestion, or more precisely database mass ingestion, has a near zero footprint of software required for z/OS installation — a drastic departure from the previous PowerExchange implementation. 

Benefits of Shifting to Cloud Database Mass Ingestion

So, why should customers embrace Informatica’s new cloud offering of database mass ingestion? Here are just a few reasons why Informatica customers are making this shift:

  • Near-zero software footprint
  • Once installed, upgrade requirements are predominantly handled automatically by the Informatica Data Management Cloud services
  • Simplified setup and run options with completely NEW user design experience
  • Mapping-less extractions that can be set up against schema level, eliminating the need to do so at the table level, as was required with PowerExchange
  • Automatically recognizes and adjusts extractions when source schema changes are encountered (schema drift)
  • Can be configured to run single one-off “snapshot” extractions of data, or it can be set to run continuously which will recognize and adjust for any schema changes
  • Operates on a new Informatica license model which enables you to only pay for what you use. 

Diverse Sectors Embrace Seamless Data Connectivity

So far, we have seen a broad range of business sectors opting to use the new database mass Ingestion cloud service, such as banking, automotive, healthcare and retail. Many companies are looking for ease of setup, ease of use and reliability and performance. These benefits, coupled with other available capabilities afforded by the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) make Cloud Mass Ingestion the ideal connectivity option for data from the z/OS Db2 systems. This approach allows customers to leverage the robust data from z/OS architecture systems into their enterprise projects. It specifically targets various cloud technology data warehouse and analytics capabilities, enabling our customers to extend the availability of their complete enterprise data.    

Some comments that we have received include:

z/OS systems implementor, retail:

“It was very easy to get the process up and running. All that was necessary from the mainframe perspective was to install the Db2 stored procedure Informatica provided. After that, it was just a matter of reviewing and setting parameters via the IDMC administration panels.”

“Runs much more autonomously, as there is no need for constant manual updates to Informatica processes when changes are made to z/OS Db2 schemas under monitoring.”

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Data Management users, finance and retail: 

“Creating a database mass ingestion mapping was simple. We just had to follow a 4-step process to identify the source, identify the target and then deploy and start the processes.”

“I wanted to have access to more than 3,500 z/OS Db2 tables. Wow! It took no more than 2-3 minutes to create the database mass ingestion flows! Impressed!”

“Having schema drift support really saves us a lot of effort. Previously with PowerCenter, any schema drift meant we had to redo a lot of work to allow for the change. Database mass ingestion automatically handles it for us!”

“Database mass ingestion does what it says on the box. So far so good.”

Next Steps

Learn more about how Informatica Cloud Mass Ingestion can help you simplify your data ingestion and scale more quickly. 

First Published: Jan 22, 2024